How to be a winner: 8 key habits

8 key habits for be winning and develop your latent potential.

How to be a winner: 8 key habits

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence is therefore not an act but a habit.


Have you ever wondered what the difference is between so-called people Winning and mere mortals?

Why do some make their dreams come true, find happiness every day and respect their goals while others don't?

I'll tell you the secret: everything is in the habits.

Habits are the real key to personal success, the big shot in life can certainly happen, but it is so rare that it makes no sense to wait for it, instead, a little good habit, even in a short time it really manages to make a difference, in good and bad understood.

A few cigarettes a day can make the difference between life and death, just as one of the habits of a winner can make the difference between becoming a realized person and one that remains in the limbo of its existence.

But what are these habits? Here are the 8 habits to be successful.

8 habits to be successful

How to be a winner: 8 key habits

# 1 Exercise (in moderation)

Physical activity is the main habit for become a winner, not only to benefit from good physical health, but also for mental health.

Incorporate an exercise routine into your day: you can go to the gym, play the sport you're passionate about, or go for a little run every morning.

Physical activity turns on the brain and makes it work better, as a result you will be more awake and alert than the crowd, but be careful not to overdo it.

# 2 Keep your word (at the cost of losing)

It was once said that only real men (or women) kept their word, and that's right.

Think about it: How many never kept promises have you made? Whenever you don't keep your word you lose authority, not only towards others but above all towards yourself.

Learn to keep our word even at the cost of losing out, if you try, you will quickly learn to say no and not to promise without first thinking carefully.

# 3 Be optimistic (the right)

Winning people think positively: act positively and positive things will happen, being optimistic is good for the mood and consequently for our relationships.

Think optimistically and big, be ambitious, obviously with common sense.

Get up in the morning thinking that today will be a wonderful day full of opportunities and that good things will happen to you, you will see that in the evening you will be focused on positive events that happened to you rather than the negative ones.

# 4 Invest in yourself

I already talked about it when I wrote the 3 things I wanted to know at 20, to be successful you have to invest in yourself and not in others, value what you know and work on your own personal project.

Investing in yourself also means use your money wisely, for example, it is much better to invest in an educational and life experience trip than to waste it on the latest smartphone.

# 5 Get up early in the morning

It seems to have nothing to do with it and instead it is not, winning people get up early, there is little to do.

In the early hours of the morning after you wake up you are more effective, the day is longer, which is an advantage and not a disadvantage, you are more charged and capable of take some time for yourself.

I understand that starting to wake up early suddenly can be a bit traumatic, but then again we're talking about habits to be successful, then get used to it little by little by setting the alarm 10 minutes earlier in the first month and 20 minutes earlier in the second month, and so on.

# 6 Write (the right things)

Writing a lot has always proved to be one of the most important habits to be successful: from the to do list, to ideas, to the need to write down thoughts and activities so as not to lose them.

You can use your PC, tablet or smartphone, but if you prefer to stick to good old paper like me, that's okay too, I recommend the timeless Moleskine always available on Amazon.

Get in the habit of just writing half page a day between ideas, thoughts and lists, you will notice the difference.

# 7 Reading books that improve us

Reading as well as writing is one of those habits considered learned, whether true or not, it has so many good effects that a book should be written about it, and is a serial vice of most successful people.

Unfortunately, the average Spanish does not read much and it shows.

Reading makes you more awake, improves your communication skills as well as allows you to broaden your vocabulary, makes you more creative in finding new ideas and solutions in everyday life.

# 8 Be consistent in what we do

The constancy to carry out projects, not to give up when everyone else does and persevere in their goals, clearly distinguishes the winners from those who give up everything, saying it was impossible.

If even one person succeeds, it certainly isn't impossible.

People who started big businesses kept working both when things were going well and when everything seemed to be going badly, they kept going, always ahead.

Bonus # 9 Get it wrong fast

Making mistakes is normal, don't waste too much time on your mistake, re-evaluate the mistakes you made and focus on what you can learn, value what has already happened and re-evaluate it in a positive way, are you wrong ?! Ok go ahead.

Mistakes are not the alternative path to success, but part of this journey, understanding it is the first step to be winning.

Being a winner is a mindset

How to be a winner: 8 key habits

It is only because of mental laziness and an artificial convention that we are induced to evaluate the extent of our "success" on the basis of the experience of others.

HP Lovecraft

This beautiful quote serves to never forget that we define success ourselves, you can use others as a parameter, your imagination or your values, the choice is yours, but do not become a slave to the success of others.

Whatever your definition of success, you can use these habits as the foundation for becoming a winner.

These habits aren't that hard to put into practice, so you may be wondering why we're not all successful people, perhaps because some people don't want it any more than they want to sleep, go to a party, or watch TV.

What you are getting from life is primarily due to your habits, often it is not the big unexpected events that change your life, but the small daily actions, they are the good ones. habits not to be abandoned that make a difference.

Habits are a fundamental tool in individual growth, other articles will follow, stay tuned.

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