Be kinder

Be kinder

Kindness opens many doors and guarantees well-being. In this article, we give some tips for being kinder to the people around us.

Be kinder

Last update: June 13, 2022

Kindness is a positive attitude towards the rest of the beings around us: people, animals, nature. This way of relating to our environment is extremely positive, as it strengthens interpersonal relationships, opens up different paths and offers well-being. So let's see how to be kinder.

With this attitude we also contribute to making the world better. That said, it is important to work to be kinder to others. 

8 ways to be kinder

1. Call people by name

If we know the person's name, let's address them by name. This habit strengthens the relationship and makes it more intimate. We avoid epithets, unless you are in contexts where its use is accepted by the group and has an affectionate connotation.

Using nicknames can be humiliating for some people, even if the intention is to be kind. Better to call directly by name.

Being kind means being tolerant, caring and empathetic with yourself and with others.

2. Be grateful

People who do something for us often go unnoticed. For example, having someone take the time to listen to us is a very valuable gesture that we need to acknowledge.

Gratitude is very important. Thanking for your attention and time will make us appear more friendly and kind.

3. Smile

Words are useless if they are not accompanied by body language that shows warmth and openness. The look, smile and facial expressions convey many meanings.

To be kinder, therefore, a smile should never be missing. She conveys sympathy and encourages others to smile as well.

Remember to smile when you meet someone on the street, when you buy something in a store, when you arrive for work in the morning or whenever you make eye contact with another person.

4. Be good listeners to be kinder

To be kinder we need to let others express themselves. It is vital to be patient, listen carefully, and wait for others to finish.

Many outgoing and eloquent people tend to take charge of conversations and don't let their interlocutors intervene. This is embarrassing and rude.

In the same way, being kind involves taking an interest in the lives of others. We often feel grateful when someone asks us about our plans, how our children are doing or if we still have the same job. It shows us that they care about our well-being and our problems.

5. Education first of all

There is nothing more rude than rudeness. Expressions such as "please", "thank you" "would you be so kind as to ...", "would you mind ..." indicate consideration, respect and kindness towards the other person. There are never too many.

6. Be empathetic

Being empathetic involves putting yourself in others' shoes. Empathy is not a quality we are born with, but that we acquire and develop over time.

If we wish to be kinder, let's try to get out of our head and ask ourselves how the other person might feel. If we find it difficult to decipher, we can ask him and try to put ourselves in his shoes. Likewise, we avoid judging and offer our support.

7. Offer help

If we see someone struggling to finish a business or problematic situation, let them offer our help. Don't wait for me to ask, we learn to understand when others need a hand.

Many people hold back from asking for help because they don't want to be a nuisance or because they think they can do it on their own. But helping never hurts, especially in the most stressful situations.

Being kind also means helping people who need it.

8. Engage in meditation to be kinder

Loving-kindness meditation is a specific technique intended to increase kindness, compassion and empathy towards others.

Those who engage in it regularly have been shown to increase their capacity for forgiveness, social connection, and self-acceptance.

This discipline is an advantage for strengthening prosocial behaviors. Likewise, it offers other benefits to physical and emotional well-being.


Behaving kind and thoughtful is always a winning move. It is an attitude that always offers benefits. Do not hesitate to implement it whenever you have the opportunity.

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