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    Santa is a Lifehacker

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    What is a lifehack, who is a lifehacker and why Santa is a lifehacker.

    What is a lifehack?

    "A lifehack it is a process or a technique that allows you to manage everyday life more easily and GetPersonalGrowth, making it less chaotic. "

    Because Wiktionary.

    The term has become very popular among the geeks and in the blogosphere thanks to sites like by Merlin Mann and by Gina Trapani. In these blogs, hundreds of techniques are collected to improve one's productivity, effectively managing the information overload that the internet has accustomed us to: e-mails, RSS feeds, videos, blogs, etc.

    Due to the increasing popularity of these sites, the meaning of lifehack it has expanded to involve the different aspects of modern living: from the optimization of one's time to the management of personal finances.

    We can therefore define a lifehacker who is able to solve the problems of everyday life in an intelligent and unconventional way.

    Why is Santa Claus a lifehacker?

    Santa Claus is a lifehacker because:

    • He knows how to manage his e-mail. A lifehacker's inbox is like the mind in meditation: empty. Assuming that there are about 2 billion children in the world, or people under the age of 18, and excluding Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, etc., Santa's potential market is represented by about 378 million children. Knowing that the worldwide penetration of the Internet is around 10%, Santa Claus replies to about 4 million e-mails every year, managing to keep his inbox always clean and tidy. He probably uses Gmail to avoid spam. ;-)
    • Optimize your expenses. A lifehacker knows how to save and lives debt free. Thanks to the help of the young mathematician Sara Santos of the University of Manchester, Santa Claus was able to identify the perfect packaging formula: ½ (d + 2h + w) ² = 2 (w + h) ². In this way he was able to drastically reduce the waste of paper, scotch and tape.
    • Make the most of your time. A lifehacker is a master of time management techniques. Assuming 3,5 children per home and considering the time zones and the Earth's rotation, Santa Claus is able to visit 91,8 million homes in 30 hours.
    • Use spaces effectively. A lifehacker always tries to simplify his life even when it comes to tidying up and managing his spaces in the best possible way. If we consider an average weight of 900 grams for each gift, Santa Claus is an ace in managing spaces: he manages to stow 321.300 tons of gifts in a sleigh pulled by 6 reindeer.
    • If you have in form. A lifehacker knows that to be productive and feel your best, you need to exercise. To make all his visits and to move his load, Santa Claus undergoes an acceleration of 17.500 g. To resist, he trains constantly and always finds the motivation to go to the gym.

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