I want to change my life, how do I do it? Accept the # challenge1980

Do you want to change your life, but have no idea how to do it? Complete the # challenge1980 and nothing will be the same. I promise.

I want to change my life, how do I do it? Accept the # challenge1980

"Bad habits are like a duvet in winter: it's easy to get under, but hard to get out of."

Have you ever screamed in the silence of your head "I want to change my life“,“ I want to give up everything “,“ I want to start from scratch “.

Maybe you even succeeded (for a few days), but then everything returned exactly as before, even worse, because slowly over the years you have developed the conviction that you, in the end, are like this, that the only way to change your life is to have a blow to the c * lo, that this story of the "change of life" is one of the many stro ... boscopia who try to sell us the para-gurus.

Welcome to the club.

For years I have tried to change my life and for years I have failed, I have tried again and I have failed again. I knew all the best personal growth strategies, but in spite of everything, I always fell back into my usual mistakes.

Then something changed.

Today I continue to fail: after all, the serial procrastinator in me has never completely disappeared (I told you my story in the introduction of Start!).

On the other hand, I stopped looking for fast-food solutions, but above all I understood exactly what I have to do every time I want to get back on track:

  • no shortcuts,
  • no excuses,

rebirth always passes through a… challenge.

If you too have understood that you can no longer go on in this way and have decided to give a sharp turn to your life: accept my challenge ...

Stop repeating to yourself "I want to change my life": accept the challenge

"Be the change you want to see in the world."

Mahatma Gandhi.

As I mentioned a few lines ago, it is useless to invent new strategies: if you are looking for inspiration,archive GetPersonalGrowth is chock full of effective techniques for your personal growth.

No, no bizarre tricks, in today's article we will pull the strings of many of the things we have seen over the last few years and concentrate them in a single challenge, a challenge that if completed can represent the first real step towards your new life.

Keep reading.

The challenge I propose to you was inspired by one of my references in the field of personal development, Robin Sharma, author of “The leader who had no titles" And his name is #sfida1980.

The challenge is very simple, but it is far from easy.

In the next section I will provide you with all the tools you need to deal with it and carry it out successfully.

I called these tools "The rules of engagement".

    If you are tired of the constant failures and step back, today I ask you to follow to the letter the suggestions I will give you. Let's begin.

    The 3 rules of engagement

    As mentioned, the # challenge1980 is simple, but not easy. Here's what it provides:

    "In the next 90 days, dedicate 90 minutes per day ad 1 activities that can change your life. "

    So let's see in detail the 3 rules of engagement that you will have to respect to successfully face yours #sfida1980:

    1. Choose only 1 project / goal / habit to focus on. New Year's Eve arrives, holidays are over and… BAM! We want to turn our life upside down from evening to morning. Does not work. I repeat: it doesn't work. Yes of course, you are different, you will surely be able to be disciplined and carry out dozens of changes all together: be my guest. When you have passed these super-man / super-woman cravings, remember that only by focusing all your energy on a single activity can you achieve significant results. For the # challenge1980 therefore identifies only a project / goal / habit. Not two, not three, one and only one. If you want to start with a habit and you have difficulty choosing which one, start by developing a "Morning Routine"Tailor-made for you! (You will find some advice on this at the end of this article ?)


    1. Spend 90 minutes a day (well, more or less!). Andre 'but where can I find them 90 minutes if I don't even have time to breathe ?! Let it be clear, forget about getting the slightest result if you are not willing to make sacrifices or sacrifices. Having said this to win your # challenge1980 it is not essential to carve out an hour and a half every day, but you have to dedicate it sufficient time to obtain concrete results (not less than half an hour I would say). Still on the topic of timing then I suggest you carry on your # challenge1980 immediately after your awakening. Yes, this means that in some cases you will have to set your alarm clock a little earlier and that you will have to stop fooling around in the early part of your work or study day. If your alarm is already set for dawn, you can move the slot you will dedicate to your # challenge1980 to another time of the day, the important thing is that you don't choose to do it at the end of your day. In fact, in the evening our reserves of self-discipline are at a minimum, and we will hardly be able to carry on the # challenge1980 for more than a week.
    2. Carry it on for 90 days. 21 days, 30 days, 90 days: when it comes to forming habits, the various coaches and para-gurus start giving the numbers. The only serious study conducted on the subject has shown that the time of formation of a habit can vary from 18 to 254 days (different habits have different training difficulties), but almost all of the participants managed to form a habit permanently after 84 days. Whether it's forming a new habit or pursuing a specific project, dedicate the next 90 days to your challenge. No excuses.
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