Be happier with 5 special habits

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Be happier with 5 special habits

Last update: February 15, 2020

Life is essentially made up of habits. Few people can afford the luxury of inventing new schemes every day. However, even with the limitations imposed by our routine, we can introduce some singular habits that can potentially enrich our life with meaning and allow us to be happier.

When we talk about special habits, we are not referring to bizarre or out of the ordinary behavior. More simply, these are uncommon gestures, but not difficult to adopt or internalize. 

5 special habits to be happier

We have learned many of the things we routinely do without realizing it. We rarely do an objective review of these gestures, see if they help us live better or simply if we keep them for the inertia generated by repetition. This, therefore, is an invitation to review them and, perhaps, to adopt other habits that can be of greater profit.

"Generally the chains of habit are too light to be felt until they become too heavy to break."
-Samuel Johnson-

1. Sleep in a position that confers strength

It may seem strange, but the postures we adopt favor certain attitudes. There are, for example, those who always walk with their heads down, perhaps because they feel distressed or fragile. At the same time, however, walking in this way strengthens the inner attitude that underlies it.

A surprising fact is that this principle also applies to the position we assume while we sleep. If we curl up in a fetal position, for example, we tend to wake up a little discouraged and with the feeling that we don't have enough strength to face the day. If we stretch completely, if we expand, our awakening attitude will be more positive.

2. Have three positive experiences for each negative experience

It is one of the special habits we should adopt to be happier. It is simply a matter of having three positive experiences for each negative experience. Easy, right?

The aim is to cleanse the mind and soul of the residues left by a bad experience. A negative event generates an echo within us and this can ruin our mood for a full day or even longer. Compensating them with three positive experiences, these residues are dispersed and it is possible to recover the balance more quickly.

3. Pretending to be happy, a special habit that works

The brain is a mysterious and wonderful organ. Above all creative. In some circumstances it stops distinguishing the line that separates reality from fantasy. You may have noticed this by watching a very sad movie; the brain processes it as if it were a fact that has happened to you, although you know very well that it is a fiction. This reaction is due to the presence of mirror neurons.

We can turn this amazing mechanism to our advantage: pretending to be happy even when we are not well, behave like an actor who has to play the role of a very lucky person. You will be surprised to see what happens after a couple of days of "playing" this part.

4. Send loving emails for no particular reason

This is one of the nicest special habits to be happier. The idea is similar to the previous one, in the sense that you don't need to feel good to adopt a positive attitude. If you're down in the dumps, there's nothing better than making someone feel good. It is proven: helping others is the best way to help ourselves.

A small gift of this kind, made with the heart, increases our vital spirit. In this case, it's simply a matter of getting into the habit of sending warm, positive messages to the people we respect or love. Not something pre-packaged, but a message written by us. It works especially on difficult days because it immediately changes our emotional register.

5. Look for open air spaces

Nature exerts a strong influence on our emotions. The effect is almost immediate. It is enough to approach a green space to instantly experience its healing power, on the mind and body. It is one of the healthiest habits we can adopt and it will certainly allow us to be happier.

Even better if we take advantage of the opportunity to walk barefoot on the grass or lie down to get some sun. If this is not possible, it is worthwhile to take at least one walk outdoors every day: it helps to organize ideas, relax the mind and recover inner balance.

We have defined these habits as singular, because not many people practice them. It is certainly worth a try though. They are a way to enrich our daily life with meaning.

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