Spring: it's time to change your life!

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An article about spring, the seasons of life and changes.

"Or, wind, if winter is coming, how long can there be for spring?"

Percy Bysshe Shelley.

We are officially in spring, the favorite season for all fans of personal growth: ok, I admit, I invented this from scratch! ;-)

Yet spring is the season of change par excellence: here are some thoughts on spring and i changes that we can bring to our life for improve it e live it more fully.

1. Accept winter and confidently await spring

Like the atmospheric seasons, our life is also cyclical: so we happen to live cold winters e long, which seem to never want to end. During these times, we put aside good habits and generally make bad decisions for ourselves and those around us.

Becoming aware of the transience of these moments can help us overcome them with a different spirit and not make hasty decisions that we may regret.

Knowing how to accept the seasons of life it is not a sign of weakness or lack of willpower, but on the contrary it is a sign of great maturity.

2. A swallow does not make spring

Faced with a new goal or a new challenge we are full of enthusiasm and motivation; but then life catches us in its vortex made of commitments and distractions and all our good intentions slip into the background, only to slowly disappear among the 1.000 things we started and never completed.

Just as a swallow does not make spring, 1 day or 1 week of commitment is not enough for achieve our goals.

According to sociologist and writer Malcolm Gladwell, more than talent, it is commitment and constant action that distinguish amateurs from champions.

Qualities such as willpower and self-discipline have little appeal, but it is often the less glamorous actions that guarantee us the most brilliant results.

What are you willing to do to become a champion?

3. It is winter that makes us appreciate spring

Winter makes us stronger and at the same time makes spring sweeter.

Every time we get through a winter we learn about ourselves and cement our self-esteem. Without cold and dark times when we are forced to rely on our best resources, spring would lose its meaning.

It is difficult to be grateful for life when it confronts us with challenges that appear insurmountable and whose meaning we do not understand, but those same challenges deeply shape our character: we discover that we are stronger, smarter and more determined than we could ever imagine and when spring finally breaks the winter clouds, the rewards that await us acquire greater value.

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