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    First day of university: here are the essential guidelines

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    Louise Hay

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    First day of university? I still remember it very well, as if it were yesterday; yet it was the year 2001. I was excited ed excited is preferably used for new adventure which - after 5 years of scientific high school - I was going to face.

    The curiosity was great: what differences will I notice compared to the years I spent at school? Will I be able to adapt to the new context? Will it be an easier or more difficult path? Will I find friends and colleagues to talk to or will it be hard to socialize? In conclusion, on the first day of university there was no shortage of uncertainties: I was not sure of anything… and it was all to be discovered!

    Now, I do not rule out that some freshmen may start the academic path with indifference or arrogance, but I believe that most university students experience - as it naturally should be - a more or less intense emotional state. We see how to prepare to this new beginning through a series of guidelines.

    First day of university: here is a series of practical instructions to deal with it in the best possible way

    What to take with you

    Il first day of university you do not need who knows what equipment: the lessons are somewhat "soft", purely introductory, and serve to give you information on the program and the books or handouts to use. You just need a pen and paper or the bare minimum to take some notes! If you want to know like taking notes in college, you could download the eBook The University Student Memorandum in which I have dedicated an entire section to this very topic.

    Get there early

    Il first day of university is that more crowded: if you do not arrive at least half an hour before the start of the courses, it is very likely that you will have to sit on the ground or in the back desks, ending up following the lesson badly. Some classrooms are very spacious and if you sit down at the bottom of everything you may have difficulty reading the slides that are projected, thus risking not to capture everything that is explained by the professor.


    Don't be shy: on the first day of university, immediately strike up a conversation with those around you. As in any context, it really matters create synergies not to feel alone or excluded. Widening one's circle of friendships in the university environment contributes, in fact, to making the academic path easier. If any topic is particularly difficult for you, you will be able to compare yourself with your university colleagues for clarification. Also, if you find yourself facing group projects, you will be able to team up right away.

    Don't be ashamed of looking like a freshman (also because you are!)

    Il first day of university it is likely that you know nothing or anyone: do not hesitate to ask for information! Rather than wandering around in search of the classroom where the first lesson is held, at the risk of arriving late or missing the course, ask the usher or a student where he is (this could also be an excuse to socialize).

    How to dress

    Il first day of university it is not a ceremonial: casual clothes. No jacket (for him) or too flashy dresses (for her), but jeans and a sweater (or shirt for him). Footwear must be comfortable (no boots or stilettos for her!). Feel free to customize your style if you want to stand out, but don't end up in ridicule or unnecessary excess.

    Go to the discovery of the university structure and the neighboring services

    Il first day of university, after following the courses, don't run away right away. Familiarize yourself with the new environment by exploring the facilities. Take a tour of the venue or campus! Also explore the surrounding area to find out where the closest bookstores, copy shops and dining options to the university are. Furthermore, analyze the various public transport options to find the one that best suits your needs.

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