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Stop negative thoughts

Sometimes the mind does not stop turning to thoughts that are not good for us. At that moment, it is necessary to stop and run away from them. We present some strategies to succeed.

Last update: January 01, 2022

There are moments in life that we would like to forget forever. Sometimes, these unpleasant memories represent the "seed" of a picture of stress or depression. To avoid this, it is better to stop negative thoughts; but how to do it?

It is very important to have a cold mind as much as possible in order to escape from negative thoughts. Although it is difficult, you have to try to stop the mind and analyze the problem from the outside. The strategies that we present below can help in the intent.

Strategies for stopping negative thoughts

Get comfortable

When we are sick, the muscles and joints stiffen. It is therefore important to recognize this symptom and try to relax mind and body.

Adopting a comfortable position, sitting or lying down for example, in which the body feels relaxed can be the perfect technique. In addition to this, the smile, even when you do not want to smile, will improve the mood.

Sharing problems

Our mind is sometimes so "bad" that when something bad happens to us, it tends to make the problems worse. For this reason, when we are desperate, it is a good idea to talk to a trusted person, like a close friend or family member who listens and understands.

The empathy and support offered will be a great remedy to combat negativity. They will also help to understand that our problems "weren't that bad."

"Say what you feel, otherwise those silences will make noise for a lifetime"


Go out to stop negative thoughts

Many people think about where they went wrong. But for what purpose? Aristotle already stated: “If there is a solution why are you worried? If there is no solution, why are you worried? ”.

If you can't fix a problem or find a solution, that wouldn't be bad go out and get some fresh air. It is equally valid to go to the cinema with a friend to go or have a coffee together.

This helps to unplug and escape from harmful negativity. In a second moment, when you think about the problem again, your mind will be much more relaxed and it will be easier to find a solution.

What made us feel good?

A good way to stop negative thoughts is to think about positive ones. When we are very ill, we take a look at the past and remember all the moments and actions that have positively marked our life.

The degree, the first salary, the unforgettable wedding day ... Everything is fine to get better. Surely afterwards, reality will be seen through a much more positive prism.

Escaping negative thoughts is possible with large doses of positive thoughts

Use creativity to stop negative thoughts

It is useless to ignore the problem, as this will increase negativity. It is better, rather, devote one's attention to other things such as reading, writing or drawing.

This will also help develop the creative part of the mind as it disconnects from everything. Doing one of these activities for at least five minutes will make you feel better.


Those presented are some tips to stop negative thoughts. Many times these don't go away overnight.

Although the simple passage of time is a valid medicine, running away from negative thoughts does not help to better deal with the problem.

You need to pay attention to it to understand how we think and how we feel. This is constructive and helps to move forward.

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