Shocking love gestures to win back: do they work?

Shocking love gestures to win back: do they work?

I sensational gestures to win back Do a man or a woman who has left us really work or do they only risk making the situation worse? It makes sense to make gods gestures of love to be forgiven?

If you are asking yourself one of these questions, I know the situation you are in, and I know how you feel. The desire to win back your ex or your ex is very great, and you would really be willing to do anything to achieve the result.

In this article we will talk about the gestures of love to win back a person, and specifically we will see if they work or if they can have a positive effect of rapprochement between you and the ex partner.

We will try to analyze thoroughly your ex's psychology (or your ex) by making a distinction between two different cases: the one in which you were left for a loss of interest and the one in which you were left after disappointing or hurting the other person.

Striking gestures to win back

Piero writes to us: “A few days ago my girlfriend asked me for a pause for reflection, saying that she needs her space and that she no longer knows what she feels about me. She wants to clarify her ideas, but I have a terrible fear of losing her forever. Before it's too late I would like to make a gesture of love for her, to remind her of all the beautiful things we have lived together ... "

Piero wants to make a striking gesture to win back the love of his girlfriend. Hope that showing her all his love and by showing her how much he cares about her he may be able to trigger something in her, thus convincing her not to leave him.

The truth is that Piero, like most people who find themselves in a situation similar to his, is confused and desperate. His gesture wouldn't work because moved by despair. It would send the wrong message to his girlfriend, and it would make her run away from him even more quickly and decisively.

Piero's girlfriend needs her space. She wants to understand if being away from him she would miss him or not. She knows well that Piero loves her and that is why she doesn't need to gifts, banners or romantic surprises. All these gestures would only cause the following results:

  • they would give her a great annoyance;
  • they would not allow her to miss Piero;
  • they would put pressure on her;
  • they would convey to her a weak, desperate and needy image of Piero.

Gestures of love are a beautiful thing (when it comes to simple gestures, and not blatant or vulgar). However, they must be done for the right reasons and with the right timing, otherwise they lose all their meaning and become a double-edged sword.

Gestures of love to be forgiven

And instead what about the case in which you want to make gestures of love to be forgiven?

If your boyfriend or girlfriend left you because you were disappointed, angry, or hurt because of some bad behavior, you shouldn't think that a glaring gesture can miraculously resolve the situation.

For sure you will have to show your ex partner that you care a lot about your relationship, but even more you will have to show him (with facts, and not with futile promises or with crazy gestures of love) that you have understood your mistake and have changed for real.

There is nothing that can take the place of a well thought-out reconquest plan for your case. Random, desperate gestures only make things worse!

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