Repressing your emotions can make you sick

Repressing your emotions can make you sick

Repressing your emotions can make you sick

Last update: January 25, 2015

We all know people who keep everything inside and who rarely show their emotions. Sometimes maybe we do it ourselves too. The problem arises above all when negative emotions are not expressed, that resentment or malaise accumulates and at any moment, sooner or later, our health suffers.

Our state of mind directly affects our physical state. Learning to manage your emotions when you are suffering from a serious illness, in fact, can provide us with a certain inner stability that allows greater chances of recovery.

What effects do emotions have on the body?

We can identify some harmful emotions: uncontrolled hyperactivity, anger, fear, anxiety, melancholy, sadness and authority. Over time these emotions taken to the extreme damage our body.

If the person experiences inner conflicts, worries or emotional situations that he has not been able to resolve, it is possible that some organs in particular may begin to suffer in a negative way. 

- An excess of anger damages the liver.
- An excess of fear damages the kidneys and bladder.
- An excess of hyperactivity damages the heart and small intestine.
- An excess of sadness damages the lungs.
- An excess of anxiety damages the stomach, spleen and pancreas.
- An excess of authority and control over others causes large intestine imbalances.

Relationship between organs and emotions 

As a reflection of the above, if any major organ is weak, the person will have a tendency to experience the emotion associated with it (s). For example: if your spleen is weak, you are likely to feel very sad. Alcoholics and drug addicts whose liver is compromised can exhibit a lot of anger. People whose kidneys are not functioning well are usually shy and nervous or fearful.

We are all exposed to emotional extremes, as life confronts us with a great variety of intense emotions. People die and we get sad, other people's attitudes make us angry and certain situations sometimes scare us.

Cosa possiamo fare?

As for the control of emotions, there are some activities that can be very useful for relaxing the body and mind, such as meditation practice, breathing exercises, tai chi and yoga, for example. Furthermore, acupuncture can be very useful for learning to control one's emotions. Flower essences (available at health food stores) and homeopathy are excellent remedies to help change the rigid and fixed internal patterns.

Changes do not happen overnight, but with time and effort you can become a calmer person and, as a result, you will see that your health will improve. Negative emotions and thoughts activate the stress response and suppress the immune system. Positive thinking, on the other hand, "turns off" stress and stimulates the defenses. By learning to understand and master your emotions and thoughts, you will have greater control over your life. Your health will thank you.

Obviously, if you feel that a certain situation is getting worse and that you cannot deal with it alone, do not hesitate to contact a psychotherapist who will know how to orient you adequately.

Finally, Do you feel that some of the emotions you feel can harm you? Why don't you try to make some changes? Why don't you look for activities that help you achieve greater serenity and inner peace? Remember that you will get great benefits this way. You have nothing to lose and potentially a lot to gain.

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