How much we like to talk about love

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How much we like to talk about love

Last update: 23 November 2017

How much we like to talk about love, how much we like to watch romantic movies, how much we like to experience love on our skin, how much we like them to say our name with a note of complicity, tenderness and affection. Feel it, live it ... how we like to make projects and see them realized. Because we like stories that speed up the pace of our heart.

So is romantic love, the one we like to talk about, that of happy endings. We remain there, in the beautiful phase, the magical one, that of conquest and courtship, in that love that we often seek and desire unconsciously. The beautiful love until the next kiss, the one that says nothing about everyday life.

As we like to talk about love, there is nothing more beautiful than the wonderful story of two people who know each other, fall in love and start their adventure by moving the threads that start a relationship. But what happens next? Nobody talks about days without flowers and staying in pajamas, shopping together and wandering around the house. We don't talk much about this because it's not about magic; yet, this too is love, the one that lasts and is real.

Maybe we are all looking for a happy ending, but how can you reach an ending without a path and a progression? The ending is not the first kiss, like in the movies. The ending is not a girl running and jumping into his arms, the ending is not a proposal on her knees, the ending is not marriage. The final point many times comes when the feeling ends, and this is rarely the case for movies.

“There isn't a single true love story that has a happy ending. If it is love it will have no ending, and if it does, it will not be happy. "

-Joaquín Sabina-

We like to talk about love, but this feeling goes far beyond what they tell us. Happy stories are built in two and built day by day, the key to overcoming difficult times lies in the desire that members decide to put into it. If the desire is great, in the end the positive results will multiply.

We like to talk about love, but love and happiness always go together?

It may or may not be, indeed, sometimes yes and sometimes no. Love sometimes makes us cry, love can hurt us and question us, but it must be worth it. Let them also talk to us about this feeling, let's listen to the other bell too.

Happiness is multifaceted in the many aspects of life, it would be a mistake to reduce it to the concept of love. This is where we go wrong: We shouldn't be looking for love and needing it as a missing part of us. Remember, we are complete beings: love must add, not complete.

We like to talk about love, but about a happy love, perhaps because it is easy to hear these two words together. Excited by this idea, we risk remaining tied to an ideal. Know that even the princes and princesses of fairy tales have to live everyday life facing the challenges related to life together. Although they don't show it and try not to show it in front of the camera, it would be a mistake to rely only on the superficial story: let's try to look and talk about what's behind it as well.

Go on and tell the story

Well, we will go on to talk about that copy that we liked so much and that still stays together. We will say that they still love each other, that after the first date, the first kiss and the first awakening together they continue to fall asleep knowing that they are by the side of the person they have chosen with their heart. We will continue to talk about how they argue, about the fact that sometimes they hate each other or do not find the right words to confront each other, but we will continue to say that despite everything they are happy.

We will continue to talk about that story that had an impervious, limping, debated beginning, but which with affection and energy has overcome every difficulty. We will continue to talk about it, but mentioning not happy, but real endings.

We won't stop talking about love, but we'll tell the story in full, we will tell how sometimes feelings don't resist everything. We will tell how a third person appeared to precipitate the announced ending of the story, we will say that it is not always all pink and flowers.

We will talk about love, but in all its meanings, not only of the initial phase or until it is beautiful; we're going to talk about the full story, the real story… which is much more exciting and yes, sometimes, even more boring.

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