Mothers who make succubus

Mothers who make succubus

Mothers who make their children succubus make motherhood and education a tool of manipulation. They are not bad, they just have considerable difficulties with themselves to solve.

Mothers who make succubus

Last update: January 30, 2022

There are many mothers who corner their children with phrases such as "how can you behave like this after everything I've done for you". They generally say things like this when their children don't do or say what they expect. They are mothers who make succubus.

These women are convinced that they must be repaid for life by their children in the form of submission or reverence.

No one has asked them to act in a given way, but they often blame their children for being ungrateful. They overstate their efforts and sacrifices and they create feelings of guilt as a result of the hidden desire to save them.

“These mothers can make their children feel negative emotions such as fear, sadness or feared guilt. Suffering and not knowing how to manage these emotions can generate intense anguish, which will completely paralyze the victims of this form of manipulation ”.

-Daniele Molina-

The two essential traits in mothers that make their children succubus are manipulation and victimhood. For obvious reasons, these are people who have not achieved full personal development.

They use the maternal bond to make up for what they haven't gotten. They don't need devoted children, but professional help.

Mothers who make succubus

Mothers who make their children succubus manifest a kind of denial of motherhood itself. It seems that this condition has been imposed on them and is not, instead, a decision made or accepted.

Is it possible that consciously or not, the mother blames the child because she thinks it is the cause of her being a mother. If the son had not existed, he would not have had to devote his best years and greatest efforts to looking after and raising him. In his opinion, therefore, there is a legitimate debt.

Based on this belief, these mothers will not miss the chance to get what they think belongs to them: the submission and unconditional love of their children.

They are usual ask for compensation for their physical exertion: childbirth, breastfeeding, diaper change, food, baby care in case of illness, etc. How is it possible?

Bad moms or mothers with psychological disorders?

Mothers who make their children succubus are not always bad mothers in the strict sense of the term. In most cases, they love their children but suffer from a psychological disorder.

To love with a capital "A", you need a good foundation of mental health. When this is lacking, one can only offer a "love" with a lowercase "a", contaminated by fears, emptiness, frustrated desires and deficiencies.

Despite everything, it is still love. The child is "unintentionally" harmed, is cornered by virtue of his own labyrinths, limited by maternal limitations.

Mothers who make succubus often want the best for their children. The problem is, they don't even know what's best for themselves. Much less have they worked to get it, instead they find in motherhood an excuse not to take responsibility.

Reconcile with motherhood

Being a mother begins with gestation and giving birth to a new being, to then watch over him / her and ensure their survival. A gigantic task, like any important act that takes place in life.

But the mother must not only guarantee the physical well-being of the child. Together with her care and protection of her, she offers a meaning to her existence and determines her emotional development. It is not a task to be seen as insurmountable, but a feat to be proud of.

The sense of guilt installed in children is certainly counterproductive. It makes it more difficult for them to recognize themselves and define a coherent life plan. They will doubt themselves and it will represent an obstacle to achieving autonomy and independence.

All of this can be avoided when mothers who make succubus reconcile with motherhood and give up manipulation.

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