"Moringa, the superfood of the gods" by Thorsten Weiss

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I superfoods are foods that affect inflammatory states, reducing them, increasing vitality in a healthy way, promoting cellular repair, preventing diseases and degenerative processes, purifying the body, balancing blood and hormonal values, helping to maintain ideal weight, providing amino acids essentials, vitamins, minerals and, in general, increase the sense of well-being and, consequently, the mental clarity.

Success and nutrition, as he writes Thorsten Weiss in his book "Moringa, the superfood of the gods", they are therefore interconnected.

La Moringa it satisfies all these requirements, and for this reason it is possible to insert it in the Olympus of foods capable of giving a boost of energy and vitality to the whole body.

But not only.

Moringa, superfood and the evolution of consciousness

In the book “Moringa, the superfood of the gods” by Thorsten Weiss, this new food is treated from a less material and more energetic and vibrational perspective.

The author, holistic coach with experience in spiritual growth, physical well-being, weight control, author of books on how thenutrition can affect health and success, and moderator of inner growth seminars, lists their properties, origin, benefits, and possible uses, also from a perspective linked to spiritual evolution and consciousness.

And this is how the book opens: the first part introduces the principles according to which the Moringa, as a superfood, can influence the evolution of consciousness. According to the author, in addition to the molecular energy of the food, the subtle energy of the food is also absorbed. From this point of view, Moringa has excellent characteristics.


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The many properties of Moringa

The book then deals with the Moringa also under the strictly nutritional and biochemical profile, ne elenca i nutrients, always associating a side reading, less materialistic, and more ethics.

And so this plant, whose cultivation does not require special care, and of which both dried and fresh leaves can be consumed, is indicated and recommended for support body and awareness, For purify the water, For the animals, as well as integrated into the nutrition of those poor and underdeveloped populations where mortality from malnutrition is still high.

The central chapters of the book, in particular, explain why Moringa is so good. In one, a parallel is drawn between Moringa and other healthy foods of plant origin, thus allowing us to define this as the "plant of superlatives": 2 times protein of soy, the concentration of chlorophyll higher than all the plants studied so far, 46 antioxidants and many polyphenols, more; while in the next chapter the antioxidant properties deriving from the presence of polyphenols, omega 3 and omega 9, of zeatina and recording control.

In the following chapters the effects of chlorophyll and minerals, of which Moringa is rich.

L'last section of the book reports a list of others super foods that can be combined with Moringa, and how, thanks to their inclusion in one's diet, it is possible to control one's weight and the hormonal balance responsible for well-being.

At the end of the book a list of easy and tasty recipes with Moringa allow you to use and add this herb into your life in an immediate and daily way.


Moringa and lifestyle

The book is Useful for those who still do not know this plant, for the curious who want to know something more, come on what it is, where to find it, giving precise indications on how to choose it and where it comes from, how to integrate it into your diet, with useful tips on amount of intake, and on possible physical effects of initial adaptation.

But it is also useful to those who have already discovered something about Moringa and want to learn more about the benefits of superfood, one by one.

The link to the book is always present in the book "evolutionary" dimension of a healthy lifestyle, thus interpenetrating physical benefits and increasing the consciousness of each human being.

From the point of view of "Food awareness" and the connection between "Awareness and healing" finally, a useful and immediate one is reported check "spiritual" list with which to classify this food, as well as any other food with which we decide to feed our body and our spirituality, why what we eat becomes part of us and also affects us at the level of consciousness.

A immediate guide and with easy-to-make suggestions to get the best, physical and evolutionary, from Moringa.


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