Messages and phrases to win back a guy who left you

Messages and phrases to win back a guy who left you

What are the righteous messages to win back an ex, or the right ones phrases to win back a boy after he left you? Surely this is what you are asking yourself, and through this article I will try to give you a complete and in-depth answer.

First I want to tell you that they don't exist phrases to win back a man or an ex boyfriend who are universally valid, since they will have to be adapted to your specific situation, and above all, a single sentence or a single message is not enough to win back a partner.

Reconquest is a challenging path for which it serves a precise plan to follow, and the phrases to win back an ex that you will find in this article will be only part of it. In fact, you will also need to take into account the following factors:

  • The reasons your story ended
  • The mistakes you made after you were left
  • The characteristics of your story
  • The kind of person that you are, and the kind of person that he is
  • How long has it been since you broke up

We're almost ready to get started, but first I want to invite you to take a quick online test to see what your chances of winning back are.

It only takes two minutes to complete: you will have to answer 15 simple questions about your relationship with your ex, and you will instantly get a result expressed as a percentage.

Phrases to win back a man: those that don't work

Before seeing the right phrases to win back an ex boyfriend, it will be useful to find out which ones absolutely NO they work, but that most girls are automatically led to use.

Phrases of despair

Avoid all phrases of self-pity, from a weak and desperate woman. Trying to make him understand how necessary he is for you and for your happiness you will not be able to win him back, on the contrary you will distance him even more by making him understand that you are not worth anything. Here are some examples of phrases to avoid:

  1. I can not live without you!
  2. Please give me another chance!
  3. I feel terrible, please come back with me!
  4. Since you left me my life has no meaning anymore!

Words of love

Immediately after being broken up, many people believe they have to play it all out in order not to make their partner move away from them permanently. Here then is that they swear eternal love to him, cover him with affection and sweetness. They talk to him heart in hand, in the hope that he will melt and decide to stay.

Instead the reality is quite different ...

You absolutely must not give him further confirmation, show that you care and tell him that you love him with all of you. He definitely left you for other reasons, not for the fact that he did not believe you loved him, so there will be other solutions you will have to find to be successful in the reconquest. Examples of phrases to avoid:

  1. You are my whole life, I have never loved anyone as much as you!
  2. We are made for each other, come back with me!
  3. If you come back with me I will never make you miss anything!
  4. You are the man of my life ... we are soul mates, why don't you realize it?
  5. I feel I can still make you very happy. You're everything for me!

Exaggerated apology phrases

If you've done something serious and that's why he broke up with you, surely you need to apologize. You are in this case if, for example, you have betrayed him, or you have disrespected him with your behavior.

Apologize though don't mean to pray, or even become a doormat in an attempt to be forgiven. Ok, you were wrong, but in any case you have to face the situation with elegance and clarity.

Avoid obsessing your ex with constant apology messages while he is still mad at you. You would just make him move further away from you. Examples to avoid:

  1. I'm so sorry, I screwed it up, give me another chance!
  2. Please come back with me, I'll change!
  3. I am ready to change for you and for our love!
  4. I am a nobody ... forgive me please!

Finally, in the third chapter you will find an examination of all the mistakes to avoid during the reconquest process. This is an analysis that will be of enormous help to you if you aim to win back your man in a rapt and effective way.

Phrases to win back a guy: the strategy to follow

Before you see the right phrases to win back an ex boyfriend, I have to explain to you a necessary step to take in order to make your ex more receptive to what you are going to tell him.

Your ex is feeling pressured right now because he knows you're trying to get back together - he's upset or even angry at you. What you will need to do, rather than insist, is to remove all negative feelings he has towards you by sending him a letter or a message like this:

With this message you get two fundamental results: you justify your pressing and inappropriate behavior; And close the negative bracket that had opened up between you in the last period, so that you can start from scratch in some time.

After sending the text or letter, you need to put in place the so-called no contact technique: a period in which you will not have any kind of interaction with your ex. There are exceptions to this rule, but for 90% of breakups no contact is required, and it will bring you benefits that you don't even imagine now.

PS In my ebook I will explain in detail how to make the most of the no-contact period to intrigue your ex, make him miss you, improve yourself and prepare yourself in the best possible way for reconquest.

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Examples of phrases and messages to win back an ex boyfriend

At this point I will assume that you have done everything right, and that she is ready to reconnect with your ex and rebuild the attraction in him towards you.

Since you haven't heard from each other for a while, your only initial goal should be to re-establish a positive relationship with him. You won't be able to make him fall madly in love with you with just one message, I'm sorry to tell you… but this is still the starting point!

So what are the right messages to get back in touch with an ex after the no-contact period? Here are a few.

1. Message related to your interest

Nobody wants to get a boring message like: "Hi, how are you?". Not only are these messages without a goal, but they also don't make your ex feel any emotion.

Instead to reconnect with him and win him back, you have to send him a message that excites him, and that it has a concrete value. For example, you could take advantage of his interest, and tell him:

Why does this message work? For one thing, there is a clear reason why you are writing to him. You're not begging, you're not seeking his attention for no reason e you're not putting any pressure on him… You are simply letting him know something that is sure to interest him, showing that you have a positive attitude towards him.

Second, you're not even forcing a conversation. If your ex is still mad at you and doesn't want to talk to you, he may just ignore your message, as you haven't asked him any questions and concluded with "I hope everything is going well in your life".

But rest assured that if you took the right steps during the no contact period, chances are he is super felice to receive that message from you, and the ensuing conversation between you two will be very positive and enjoyable.

2. Message linked to a memory

A second option is to send your ex a message that reminds him of a positive experience you had when you were still together. You will need to do it naturally, without looking weird or awkward. For example, you could tell him:

This message can truly work wonders. In this particular example, you're reminding your ex about a special dinner you had a while ago, forcing him to rethink that positive experience.

You are also showing him that your life has moved on, and that you are now doing the same things you did with him with other people. He might even feel jealous ?

3. Message linked to an object

We have come to the third and final example of a message to win back an ex. I advise you to use it only if you have handled the end of your relationship in the right way, that is if you did not show up too desperate or angry when he left you. Here is what you could write to him:

Again, you're leveraging your ex's emotions and your shared memories. You are not being dramatized or being melancholy - you are simply reopening the communication channels between you, and reconstructing the basic understanding.

This is the first part of a process that will lead you to reconnect with your ex, see him in person, seduce him and make him fall in love with you again.


I've given you some messages and phrases to win a guy back, which I'm sure you'll be able to use wisely and with the right timing. By doing this you will be able to greatly increase the chances of getting it back.

But as I told you before, it is impossible think that it only takes a few sentences to get back together with an ex boyfriend.

A powerful sentence said at the right time certainly represents an important point in your favor, but to convince him to get back together with you sometimes it will be necessary a multitude of phrases, messages, positive interactions, phone calls and moments spent together live.

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