Lose weight: what to do if you eat more in the cold

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The intense cold arrives and we begin to overeat, with the feeling that our body needs to stock up on energy to maintain right body temperature. A drive now unmotivated from a biological point of view.

The "despair"

Indeed, the change in temperature influence il metabolism of many animal species, just think of those that hibernate to disperse the heat to a minimum. However, some of these species no longer fell into deep sleep when they started living in zoos or farms where it was warmer.

Likewise, we humans, who spend most of our time in heated environments, we no longer need to overfeed during the winter. So ours is one "Despair".

Eating a lot is useless, rather. If our body is engaged in a slow and laborious digestion, it cannot also deal with the peripheral parts of the body, leaving hands and feet at the mercy of the cold.

The fake need for sweets

With the harsh climate, not only the feeling of hunger is unleashed: the urge to eat sweets wins over all the others. Because? In this case it is just a matter of addiction. Foods containing sugars are addictive to drugs: it is now a validated evidence by many scientific researches.

The hunger of the soul

Let us remember, then, that eat warms, not so much and not only the body, but above all the soul. This is the real spring that leads to binge eating.

To satisfy the need for "human warmth" and "sweetness" we need to increase social interactions, not the slices of cake. It's a relational and existential need the one to fill. In order not to give in to chocolates and sweet snacks, allow yourself moments of pleasure during the day: a chat with a friend or break dedicated to an activity you love (like playing an instrument) can do forget the thought of food.

And if so you decided you deserve a dessert, eat slowly, savoring every little bite. In that moment you are taking care of yourself and your body, giving the attention and respect that the food that keeps us alive deserves. And taking the time to fully enjoy what you are eating.

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