Lemon: all the virtues

    Lemon: all the virtues

    by Valeria Ghitti


    Prefer lemons still with leaves, the presence of which is an indication of greater freshness. «Also check that the peel is not wrinkled and avoid fruit dotted with small black dots, a sign of an attack by parasites », advises Lorenzo Bazzana, head of fruit and vegetables at Coldiretti.

    If you intend to use the zest as well, choose untreated fruit (on the others by law it is specified "non-edible peel"). Store them in the refrigerator, in the bottom drawer. Keep at room temperature only the ones you intend to use soon.


    «Lemon juice is disinfectant, astringent and antibacterial, as well as being rich in vitamin C, with well-known antioxidant effects », explains Anna D'Eugenio, nutritionist. So a few drops in the nose several times throughout the day helps fight colds, while used for gargling, it counteracts sore throats, gingivitis and canker sores.

    "Me toolemon peel is rich in essential oils with antiseptic and antifebrile power: one tisane obtained by boiling a whole lemon for seven minutes, not cut but carefully washed, with grated ginger and a small piece of chilli is a panacea in case of influence»Advises the expert.


    The active ingredients of lemon peel are also digestive. To exploit them, boil the zest of a quarter of a lemon in half a cup of water for 5 minutes, until you get one tisane canary color and drink a hot cup after large meals. The digestive action of the peel is also excellent of lemon boiled with ginger.

    “The lemon is used against dysentery. In reality it favors its resolution by virtue of its antibacterial and antiviral effect, but in the intestine its action is laxative », reveals the nutritionist. «Thanks to the acidity of the fruit, which favors the secretion of bile». A lemonade with water and honey, in fact, is excellent against stubborn constipation.


    Rather big, ha elliptical shape and succulent straw yellow pulp. The peel, perfumed, is of medium thickness. The peels are ideal for herbal teas.

    Spheroidal in shape, it has a colored skin light yellow, particularly smooth and very thin. Very fragrant, it is excellent in juice.

    One hectogram of lemons provides 89,5 g of water, 1,9 g of fiber, 140 mg of potassium, 50 mg of vitamin C and only 11 calories.

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