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    Lack of self-esteem: 10 weapons to bring it down permanently

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    Is a lack of self-esteem an issue that affects you closely? Know that this is something you can take action on. Here are 10 tips to take immediately to make a change.

    How many times have you heard of lack of self-esteem, low self-awareness, low strength of mind?

    I'm sure your answer will be only one: many!

    But it is correct to speak of lack of self-esteem?

    Maybe not. In fact, we can say that each of us has a level of self-esteem which, although low, still makes its appearance; not to mention that this can be "favorably stimulated" with actions aimed at strengthening what we think of ourselves.

    Not only. Improving what you think about yourself, and doing it quickly, can be your main "reaction" lever.

    Everything we do and say is affected by our self-esteem: Having enough will allow you to make positive choices in everyday life, will give you the courage to be a better person, will allow you to build good relationships and will support you in the most difficult moments. Not bad, right?

    On the other hand, having low self-esteem can have very damaging effects on your psycho-physical health, on your decisions, on your future and even on your appearance!

    But how can you get away from a condition of low self-esteem, which maybe is making you anxious, isolated and reluctant to trust yourself?

    Below I wanted to summarize 10 practical tips that I invite you to put into practice today.

    I also recommend that you take a look at the latest articles I wrote on the subject: you can find tips for dealing with your lack of confidence, or for live better without feeling sorry for yourself.

    And if you want to go to the next level, I remind you that there is Self-esteem step by step, the manual in which GetPersonalGrowth takes you on a gradual path towards regain self-confidence.

    Well, before we start this series of tips, there is one last thing you absolutely must believe in: you can change and you can do it right away!

    This doesn't mean it will be quick or easy, but change can happen. And maybe these 10 self-esteem pills will help you achieve it a little easier.

    1) Set goals

    It is important that each day you choose to take a few minutes to reflect on what you want to achieve in life. Your goals should be realistic, and you should keep track of your progress by writing your achievements on a sheet of paper or text file.

    As you do so, remember that goals don't have to be about work. In fact, you can also consider targets for your private life as valid and stimulating, such as tidying up the living room, fixing something that is broken, taking a 30-minute run, and so on.

    I bet that when you cross out all the points on your list, you will feel more satisfied with yourself!

    What if you fail to complete all of your goals? Don't despair: just reprogram them in a more sustainable way for the next day!

    2) Try doing new things

    We all need a creative outlet, especially if we spend a good part of the day dealing with something that does not satisfy our artistic vein. From music to dance, from cooking to painting, there are so many activities you could dedicate your time to.

    Remember that you don't have to become an expert on the subject! Rather than the result, focus on the action - check out YouTube for tutorials on what you want to try. I am sure that you will find all the information you are looking for and you will feel incredibly happy that you have learned something new!

    3) Look at things from another perspective

    It is one of the most difficult suggestions to adopt but… try, every now and then, a look at things from alternative angles. Try to put yourself in someone else's shoes, develop your empathy, use a little more positivity, even when situations seem unshakeable.

    Often observing your surroundings from another perspective will open up new ways for you to improve yourself and strengthen your self-esteem.

    4) Create a keepsake box

    Physical and material memories are a great way to remember all the good and positive things from the past.

    Just to reinvigorate your motivation using this handy tool, I suggest you create one souvenir box in which to store small objects or photographs to bring to mind the most pleasant moments of your life.

    5) Help others

    Helping others it is an incredible cure-all for your mood and your self-esteem!

    Try helping out a friend, family member, colleague, or - if the opportunity arises - a stranger. All it takes is a piece of advice, a small material action or, more simply, listening to a problem. You will find that by starting to do something selflessly, you will feel incredibly better!

    6) Create a circle of positive people

    This is something I've talked about many times: try not to keep negative and overly critical people too close to you, instead try to spend your time with people who appreciate you and who can really take care of you.

    I am aware that at first this "selection" might seem complicated and destabilizing. However, by distancing yourself from people who make you feel guilty about yourself, you will quickly notice a change in the quality of your day. It therefore strengthens the friendships that is worth cultivating and get away from the illusory ones!

    7) Replace negative thoughts with positive ones

    How many times have particularly negative thoughts lurked in your mind? I'm sure… often! Maybe you keep thinking about a missed opportunity. Or to a professional or personal bankruptcy. Or the breakup of a relationship.

    Well, try replace these negative thoughts with positive thoughts dwelling on the things you are good at or the situations in which you have acted convincingly and satisfactorily. If it helps you most, you can also write a short list of what you can do well and lengthen it whenever you see fit.

    By doing this, you can create an easy connection to reality, preventing your self-esteem from being sunk by remorse and regrets.

    8) Take care of yourself

    It's another one of those principles that I gladly come back to whenever I can: you have to start take care of yourself! And if you feel like you're already doing it ... try doing it even more carefully and meticulously!

    For example, know that following a healthy and balanced diet and getting constant exercise are two extraordinary tools for stimulating endorphins: an essential ingredient to feel better about yourself and have a more positive mood. Exercise will relieve stress and make you feel better: therefore look for a physical activity that you like to do, alone or in company, you will see that your self-esteem will benefit immediately.

    9) Relax (take it easy!)

    Lo stress plays a negative role in self-esteem. The more tense you are, the less you will feel at peace with yourself. So, try to act on the triggers of stress, reducing them and taking the time, every day, to do something that you find relaxing. From reading to a nice warm or cooling bath, from meditation to sport ... find the right "key" to open your door to relaxation. It works!

    10) Accept yourself as you are

    Accept yourself for who you are, with your strengths and your flaws, to find the right mental balance. Just as you don't have to exalt your strengths or bask in compliments, so you shouldn't be overwhelmed by some flaw or imperfection that, like everyone else, you will have to a more or less evident degree.

    Indeed, take advantage of this certainty to transform them into levers of trust: accept your weak sides and learn to love them ... they could become what makes you extraordinarily stronger!

    What do you think about it? If you like, confide yours exercises for self-esteem in the comments.

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