Lack of Confidence: 10 Tips for Changing Gears

La lack of self-confidence it is one of the main obstacles that prevents us from "giving our best" and expressing our personality in the best possible way. Here are 10 practical tips to really change things.

Lack of Confidence: 10 Tips for Changing Gears

The lack of trust one of the most common and important "obstacles" to one's professional and social fulfillment, with significant repercussions on one's health and well-being.

But there is something else you should realize: many people feel a lack of confidence in their abilities, but very few react. Why?

The truth is, in my view, linked to the laziness behind habits and the inability to break with the past, necessary conditions to embrace new behaviors that would cost a lot of effort.

In short, get out of the comfort zone that we have built is not a pleasant and / or fast path. However, it is the best way to renewed self-satisfaction, which I recommend you take as soon as possible: the results will not be long in coming and you will start looking at your life with more optimistic and aware eyes.

Hoping to please, I collected 10 practical ideas that might be right for you.

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1) You are not the best, but not the worst either

Lack of Confidence: 10 Tips for Changing Gears

The first step to gaining better self-confidence is accept you exactly for who you are.

Try to reflect on the fact that we all have more or less flaws, and that no one is perfect. Once you understand that perfection is a utopia, it will be easier to accept your mistakes.

Of course this doesn't mean wallowing in your flaws! Remember that the best way to gain self-confidence is appreciate the results you have achieved in the past, especially if you have achieved goals with patience and perseverance.

2) Comparison with others is a double-edged sword

While a "positive" confrontation will have beneficial effects on your self-esteem, on the other hand a "negative" confrontation will only bring you regret.

Sometimes our lack of confidence arises simply because we are too focused on keep up with others, overshadowing what we have achieved.

Therefore, try to avoid confrontation. Comparing your achievements and failures with those of others won't do you any good! Rather, try to understand that each of us has their own strengths and their own shortcomings, with different objectives and motivations.

Try to figure out what yours are priority and to build a realistic and sustainable project. Competing with others will get you nowhere - much better to build and define challenging but achievable limits, and build on those!

3) You can't please everyone

Lack of Confidence: 10 Tips for Changing Gears

You can't please everyone. While it is a very difficult truth to accept, it is good to do it as soon as possible.

Trying to please as many people as possible could boost your self-confidence in the very short term, but it will have a negative impact in the long run. On the other hand, imagine how tiring it is to necessarily seek acceptance and satisfaction from others: a goal that will lead you to do things that are increasingly "impressive" and, perhaps, less and less close to your way of being.

Try to define "limits" e learn to say "no". It may not be pleasant, but it is often a necessity.

Also try to surround yourself with people who have a positive approach to life. Hear about their experiences. Try to understand how they turned their failures into results - these examples will give you the right inspiration for a positive outlook on life.

Consequently, try to spend as little time as possible with "negative" and overly critical people, who will eventually lower your level of self-confidence and reduce the chances of you feeling fully happy!

4) Take care of yourself

Take care of yourself it has impressive implications for one's psychophysical well-being. For this reason I advise you to pay more attention to yours lifestyle. But how?

It's very simple! Starts to:

  • sleep better;
  • exercise;
  • take care of your health, solving small and big problems that you have been putting off for too long;
  • eat in a healthy and balanced way.

By doing this you will obtain extraordinary benefits on body and mind, obtaining better self-confidence and a feeling of greater well-being.

5) Release the right emotions

Lack of Confidence: 10 Tips for Changing Gears

A major cause of low self-confidence is that you tend to think of something negative, often even for no reason. Or we focus too much on remorse or regrets, on missed opportunities, on past and never caught trains. The result is that you end up with the feel sorry for yourself and believe that you don't have the right skills to be successful.

My advice is to don't hold back your feelings, especially with loved ones and those who make you feel better. Talk to your closest contacts, share your feelings with them. Laugh if you have to laugh. And cry if you need to cry. In both cases you will not be showing your weaknesses but you will be showing that you are comfortable with your feelings, with nothing to hide.

6) Rewarded

Receiving an award or gratification is always a pleasure. But don't wait for others to always give them to you!

It is good to allow yourself, from time to time, small or large prizes for celebrate the achievements. Therefore, define a goal reachable (but “challenging!) and, once achieved, reward yourself with something you like. It can be a book, a vacation, a dinner.

Rewarding yourself for the results achieved helps to increase self-confidence!

7) Passionately cultivate a pastime

Lack of Confidence: 10 Tips for Changing Gears

Not everyone is lucky enough to make a living doing what we love. This does not mean that you have to give up your hobbies and passions.

The fact that you can't do what you like professionally shouldn't be a reason to let go of your dreams. Search instead of pursue your hobby consistently: you will need it to take a break from everyday life, carving out a space for action in an enclosure of creativity in which you feel at ease.

8) Work on self-irony

THEself-irony is a very powerful weapon for improve self-confidence!

Therefore, the next time someone tries to make fun of you, rather than sulking curled up in a corner, try to laugh at yourself.

Prove one good dose of self-irony it will allow others to see you in a completely different light and will increase self-esteem towards yourself. It is also an excellent defense weapon: it will allow you to prevent others from taking advantage of your vulnerability.

9) Don't lose your baby spirit

Lack of Confidence: 10 Tips for Changing Gears

Growing up and becoming "adults" (whatever that means!) Often means losing curiosity, the spirit of exploration and experimentation.

Do you want a tip? Don't make this big mistake! Try to keep a part of your younger soul by cultivating it curiosity to explore cultures, learn about different lifestyles, travel, meet new people, ask questions, understand what's in front of you.

This continuous, passionate and imaginative research will help you enrich your personal experiences and have greater awareness of your surroundings.

If you end up withdrawn you will "disconnect" from the real world and will not be able to develop the right social skills that will allow you to improve your self-esteem and self-confidence!

10) Ask for help

If you've been applying these tips for a while but feel like nothing has changed, don't be afraid to ask for one professional help. There is nothing wrong with asking an expert opinion, indeed, by doing so you will demonstrate that you care about your well-being and have taken the first step towards greater self-confidence: understanding that there is a problem.

Having said that, I can only leave you with a small final conclusion:

Improving your self-confidence isn't easy at all, but putting in the effort every day will give you great results!

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