Arterial hypertension is one of the most common diseases in industrialized countries. In the country it affects over ten million people and represents a major risk factor for cardiovascular disease. Yet, despite the continuing alarmism of doctors, little is still done to prevent it. In these articles we will try to take stock of the situation by examining the pathology, the subjects at risk and the most effective treatments.


    What is hypertension? when can i say i have high blood pressure? Who are the subjects at risk?

Hypertension causes and symptoms

    why is hypertension dangerous? What are its consequences? What are the symptoms?

Treating hypertension

    Is there a cure for hypertension? Is it really effective? Is it possible to heal without drugs?

Diet and hypertension

    Dietary treatment has a very specific role in the therapy and prevention of hypertension

Hypertension and sport

    Can high blood pressure be defeated with sport? If so, which one to choose, what precautions?

Remedies for High Blood Pressure

    Dos and don'ts, what to eat, what drugs to take, prevention and treatment

Combat high blood pressure with training in the gym

    Hypertension: the gym can be useful both in the prevention and in the treatment of the pathology

Measure your blood pressure

    What is pressure? How is it measured? What rules to follow during self-discovery?

The heart: anatomy and physiology

    In-depth study of the heart and its functions

High blood pressure and sport, the guidelines

    Some simple tips to choose the most suitable physical activity for those suffering from hypertension

Physical activity and hypertension

    Theoretical and practical bases of the most suitable physical activity in the presence of hypertension.

Low blood pressure, hypotension

    A widespread disorder, often devoid of pathological significance, but sometimes annoying

Renin-Angiotensin System

     and its regulatory activity of blood pressure.

Orthostatic hypotension

    abrupt drop in pressure when rising from a lying (reclining) or sitting position.

Hypertensive crisis

    occur when the maximum exceeds 180 mmHg and the minimum 120 mmHg.

Pressure values

    Are there any ideal pressure values? What is the normal range? The answers in this article.

Normal pressure

    What are normal blood pressure values? What are they affected by and how they vary over a lifetime.

Pressure in pregnancy

    What are the normal blood pressure values ​​during pregnancy, when and why are they too high?

High blood pressure in pregnancy

    Hypertension and pregnancy: causes, dangers for the mother and the fetus, therapeutic interventions.

Birth control pill and blood pressure

    What is the relationship between taking oral contraceptives and hypertension. Are there any solutions to the problem?

Licorice and high blood pressure

    What is the relationship between licorice intake and hypertension? What to do if you have high blood pressure?

High blood pressure medications

    List of main articles dealing with the topic "Medicines for high blood pressure"

High blood pressure: the best tools to monitor it

High blood pressure is an indicator of the general health situation that must be constantly monitored, in order to avoid its harmful effects and to keep it under control. For several years, it is no longer necessary to go to the doctor or other health facilities or pharmacies to measure blood pressure, but it is possible to obtain a pressure gauge portable, which you can keep handy at home and use whenever there is a need. Here are some of the most popular products that can be purchased online.

Among blood pressure monitors, it is particularly successful on Amazon OMRON X2 Basic, which offers an oscillometric method of blood pressure measurement with the support of a cuff, which allows you to check your blood pressure from the comfort of your home. Easy to use, it allows monitoring of blood pressure at home with reliable, accurate results and with the detection of irregular heartbeats. For accurate home monitoring, X2 Basic measures blood pressure by detecting blood movement in the brachial artery thanks to the 22-32cm cuff.

Sanitas SBM 21 is an upper arm blood pressure monitor that classifies the results with a colored scale, detects the heart rhythm and warns in case of possible arrhythmia. It is equipped with a large LCD display with date and time, automatic stop device. This product is particularly appreciated for its cost-effectiveness: it is intended for arm circumferences of 22 - 36 cm and comes with a practical carrying case.

Il HOMIEE blood pressure monitor has a 5 "backlit LCD sphygmomanometer, which offers a clear display of all measured values ​​on a large screen, including date and time display, which is particularly easy to read for the elderly. Up to 180 readings can be recorded: the cuff size is 22-42cm, suitable for different arm circumferences. Two power options: Comes with 4 AAA batteries, which can be powered via the Type-C interface, although the charging cable is not included If no operation is performed, the machine will automatically turn off after three minutes.

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