How to know if there is attraction between two people

How to know if there is attraction between two people

How to know if there is attraction, physical or mental, between two people by observing 10 simple signs.

After writing several guides, including how to tell if a guy likes you and how to tell if a girl likes you, we decided to write this article on how to tell if there is attraction between two people.

The attraction between two people is an instant connection that is impossible to ignore, but is often misconstrued, one way or another, as simply being outgoing or friendly.

In this guide we will try to clarify and make a list of aspects to take into account on how to understand if there is an attraction between two people.

How to know if there is attraction between two people:
the unmistakable signs

1. Body language

Attraction is identified not so much by words as by body language.

For example, a person who feels a certain type of attraction - both physical and mental - towards you may blush when you talk to him or lean his body towards you.

Such signs are more significant than any words that are said. In fact, nonverbal cues are much less filtered than verbal ones, since they are difficult to control. We can indeed think about the words we say, but only with high levels of self-control can we suppress our body's natural reactions.

Body language tends to reveal what we are trying to hide. These subtle hints can show chemistry and attraction where verbal communication doesn't go.

2. Playful prank

Joking around with someone can be another sign of attraction because it's a way to grab a person's attention and tease them.

It's also another way to connect when you don't have anything in particular to say.

Jokingly putting pressure on yourself, using silly or cute nicknames, making jokes are all ways of showing affection and attraction.

3. Intense eye contact

The way two people look at each other can say a lot about how they feel about each other.

When you're attracted to someone, you can't help but automatically look at them. It's like your eyes are drawn to them and you can't look away even if you tried.

You know that there is attraction between two people if they stare into each other's eyes when they talk and interact. The gaze can become so intense that they may need to be forced to look away from each other.

4. A subtle flirtation

If your feelings for a person are very strong, each hug or kiss on the cheek can be a great gesture. The hugs are longer, you touch your hands more easily and you can end up scratching yourself.

All of these prolonged gestures of endearment are nothing more than subtle flirtations, and are used when two people want to express their mutual attraction without making it obvious to others.

5. Lots of smiles

When you're around someone you're attracted to, you can't help but constantly smile. When you smile, it shows that there is no one you would rather be with more than this person.

If you can't stop smiling when you're with a guy or girl, then there's definitely a lot of chemistry with this person.

6. You notice the little things

When you pay close attention to a person, you are ready to notice even the smallest details and changes.

A new hairstyle, new clothes, old and new habits, a happy moment, etc… are just some details that can be noticed.

It is also a symptom of attraction to remember many of the things that have been said, even in passing.

When you feel very attracted to someone, everything about him is not lost on you.

7. Constant attention

You can be in a room full of people, but the person you like is the only one you can really pay attention to. If two people are attracted to each other, they will end up focusing on whatever the other person is doing or saying.

8. Time flies

It is said that time flies when you are having fun. When there is attraction between two people, it seems that time flies. It's like the time we spend together is never enough. It could be because of the deep and long conversations you have, having fun activities together, or just enjoying time together.

If there is attraction between two people, there will never be boredom.

9. Trust

When there is attraction (and even trust) it seems that you can say what you want, without worrying about judgment or anger.

If two people have shown some of the signs described above and show that they are capable of talking openly about anything, surely there is also a strong underlying attraction.

10. friendship

The best way to detect an attraction not only physical but also mental between two people is to check if they are also friends. If they can also be friends, the attraction is stronger and the bond is deeper. A lasting relationship may emerge.


We hope that this guide on how to understand if there is attraction between two people has been useful to you. Any opinion and consideration is welcome in the comments below.

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