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    Have you ever asked yourself this question?

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    When a simple question helps you overcome your fears and change your life.

    “Don’t be afraid your life will end; be afraid it will never begin.”

    Grace Hansen.

    I've told you before about the power of questions. Questions trigger fascinating mechanisms in our minds: our brains were born and developed for answer the questions and to solve the practical problems that man has had to face since the dawn of his evolution.

    But some questions are more effective than others, and the quality of the answers we get depends on the quality of the questions we ask our brains.

    I want to take advantage of this article to propose you a question which I have always considered particularly "powerful". But if it is true that the right questions can help us solve problems, we must first define the problem:

    That fear that paralyzes you

    Whenever we define a goal, face a challenge or are faced with a change, a little fear creeps into our mind; this little fear at first is just an annoying background noise, but slowly it becomes a deafening noise that paralyzes us and forces us to interrupt our path of change and personal growth.

    It is the fear of failure.

    Fear of failure is what keeps your dreams sealed away, leaves your goals written and never met, and never allows your future to become present.

    Is there any way to silence this fear? To deprive her of her power?

    This fear feeds on questions, wrong questions, such as: "Will I be up to it?", "Will I have the time to do it?", "What will others think of me?".

    But just another question, the question, may be the answer to defeat the fear of failure.

    A question to overcome the fear of failure

    André… do you think you are going to keep going or is it time to tell us this damn question ?!

    You're right, here's the question you should ask yourself when the fear of failure creeps into your mind:

    What's the worst that could happen?

    Yeah, have you ever thought about it? What's the worst that could happen if you start following the path to your dreams?

    Get your personal diary and start writing them in detail more catastrophic situations in which you could find yourself if you decide to put your secret dream into practice.

    Have you decided to implement your own business idea? What is it that is stopping you? Are you afraid of no longer having the certainty of an employee job? Are you afraid that no one will believe in your project? What's the worst that could happen?

    Some might argue that focusing on the worst that could happen is strictly forbidden by any personal growth book. You may even risk sending negative vibes to the universe and sending the Law of Attraction to “girls of easy virtue” (oh my God!).

    Well, you are right. You don't have to keep wondering what's the worst that could happen to you. This question is a kind of flu shot: you do it once, you create antibodies, and you don't think about it again until next year.

    Grant your fear of failing one space and a well defined time. Do not allow fear to arise when it is not invited: write down in detail the most catastrophic situations in which you could find yourself, make them concrete and realistic, but you decide when and how to do it.

    The first thing you'll notice is that it can't go that bad after all. That despite your efforts of the imagination, the worst of the worst doesn't seem to be that scary, indeed it is a risk that you can take without problems.

    From that little smile you put on your face, I see you begin to understand the power of the question. This simple question (what's the worst that could happen?) Is capable of shatter the fear of failure, anchoring that fear to reality and not allowing it to remain an indefinite feeling that paralyzes your action.

    Well, have you already thought about the worst thing that could happen if you followed your dreams? And are you still here reading? ;-)

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