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    Change your life in 21 days

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    Robert Maurer

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    A 21-day program to change your life by rearranging your spaces and… your ideas.

    Do you also find that the first months of the year sparkle with energy? To harness this energy, I propose a 21-day program for put your life in order through small practical actions to be carried out day after day.

    The program is inspired by the Japanese book “Yume wo kanaeru, Souji Ryoku” by Mitsuhiro Masuda. The title of the book can be literally translated to “Turning Dreams into Reality, the Power of Order”. The key concept of the book is that the environment in which we live and work strongly affects our state of mind, and therefore a clean and tidy environment has the power to free our mind, creating the fertile ground to make the changes we want. in our life.

    Experience has taught me that often in order to put our thoughts in order we must first bring order to the environment that surrounds us. So here is Mitsuhiro Masuda's program for change life in 21 days.

    Fresh air

    • Day 1. Open your room window to let in fresh air.
    • Day 2. As soon as I wake up, open the window and do it 3 deep breaths.
    • Day 3. As soon as you wake up, open the window, take 3 deep breaths and say the word: "thank you".

    To start tidying up your spaces and to freshen up your ideas, a change of scenery is the simplest and most effective action. Make these little gestures a habit.

    Light luggage

    • Day 4. Empty yours wallets: delete old receipts, useless business cards and anything you no longer consider useful.
    • Day 5. Do the same thing with yours bag. Keep only what you really need and store it in order.
    • Day 6. System la address book of your mobile phone: delete contacts that you do not use or to which negative feelings are related.

    Everything that weighs down your "luggage" weighs you down too and slows down your change: travel light, make room for your new self.

    Your new self in the mirror

    • Day 7. Clean the mirrors of the bathroom.
    • Day 8. Dust the shine of the bathroom.
    • Day 9. Store all bathroom items at the their place.

    The bathroom is the place where you are naked and see yourself for what you really are, both physically and figuratively. Tidying up in this space means accepting who you are and starting to become who you want to be.

    Energy through rest

    • Day 10. Empty your room bedroom: remove all objects and furniture that are not essential for your rest. Avoid electronic devices (computers, TVs, playstations, etc.), they disturb your sleep.
    • Day 11. Fix yours wardrobe: donate clothes you no longer wear to charity.
    • Day 12. Clean and refresh the mattress.

    The bedroom is the place in the house where you find your energy: make it consistent with this function.

    Productivity and effectiveness

    • Day 13. Eliminate old magazines, useless letters and messy papers. System i books on the shelves or in the bookcase.
    • Day 14. Fix yours desk. Keep only what you need for work or study, the rest is thrown away or stored.
    • Day 15. Select the objects you think will be useful "maybe one day ...": sports equipment you don't use, hobby tools you don't follow anymore, etc. "Maybe one day ..." will not come: act accordingly.

    Make your work / study area your first productivity and effectiveness tool: eliminate distractions and let each object remember only your present goals.

    The first impression

    • Day 16. Buy one shoe rack to order your shoes. Do not allow dirt to enter your home.
    • Day 17. Clean theinput. You decide to have a positive feeling every time you come home.
    • Day 18. Tidy up and clean up yours shoes. You can't even imagine how many people look at your shoes even before they show up.

    The entrance to your home is the interface with the outside world: it filters what positive you want to let in and what negative you want to leave outside the door.

    The decompression zone

    • Day 19. Clean the table on which you eat. Caring for where leads you to pay more attention to what… you eat.
    • Day 20. Wash the windows. Let in as much light as possible.
    • Day 21. Do the final cleaning. Look around: is there still something to eliminate? to rearrange? Your home is your temple: make it reflect your mood… make it shine.

    Well done! the program is over… your home probably looks very different now: it's brighter, more spacious, more tidy. Returning to the house you have a feeling of well-being and serenity: your mind is free, fresh, focused. Now that you have tidied up your spaces, you can start tidying up your goals, your habits, your daily actions: “Curly's law” can be a good place to start. ;-)

    Do you stick to the idea that they are a sea of ​​shit? I don't blame you, I thought the same thing, but… try to follow the program and then tell me how it went in the comments: I'll be waiting for you in 21 days.

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