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Live better and happier

Valuing our life is a fundamental aspect that guarantees well-being. We present some guidelines to do this.

Last update: June 25, 2022

Trying to be happy and well is a tall order for many. The first step to achieve this goal, is learning to know yourself to better live.  

The moments when we face our fears bring us closer to that personal understanding that allows us to know what we like and what we don't, what we want to happen and what we seek as human beings.

We must be honest with ourselves, tune into our emotional universe by listening to the heart and its desires, dreams and goals. That's when we understand what we want, especially how to get it.

We know how wonderful life is, particularly when we are happy and aspire to be happy every day. Below we present some tips for better living. Simple guidelines that allow us to change our approach to life.

How to live better

1. A balanced diet

Many diseases are caused by poor nutrition, as well as the excess weight that follows. Diabetes, bone disorders, risk of heart attack or circulatory disease are the most common.

2. Keeping fit

Staying in good physical condition is very important for physical and mental well-being. It allows us to feel in balance with ourselves and to love ourselves, which makes us much more aware and able to value what we have.

Regular exercise helps us maintain a balanced body weight and protect the immune system. Likewise, it allows to release the energy accumulated in excess during the day which can cause anxiety, depression or stress.

3. Lead a healthy lifestyle

Lifestyle is linked to and derives from one's way of being, how we want to deal with personal problems and relationships. All this makes us feel one way or another.

That is why it is important to decide which lifestyle we want to adopt: do things fast and stressed or, conversely, take time for yourself and others so as to have fun too?

4. Do your best

Our fate is not sealed at birth. What we get or lose will depend largely from the effort invested and self-confidence. If we give our best in everything we do, we will begin to attract what we want.

Life gives what we give it. When we have a huge heart and we give it, we will receive joy, optimism and pure love in return. We will attract many possibilities.

If we focus on the negative aspects, we raise barriers that do not allow us to see beyond ourselves.

5. Don't limit your thoughts to live better

We are all unique and incredibly capable. As Walt Disney used to say: “If you are able to dream it, you can do it”. Many times we place unjustified limits on ourselves.

Being aware of negative thoughts is a vital exercise. We are all trained for what we want, we just have to open up and believe in ourselves. Above all, we must never stop trying, we will receive great surprises.

6. Protect self-esteem

As a child, you are very confident and fear almost nothing. As we grow up, however, we lose this high self-esteem.

We therefore invite you to draw up a list of what you would have dared to do as a child and not as an adult, so as to become aware of it.

It is important not to be conditioned by others or to be afraid of looking ridiculous. To live better you must always put your values ​​and goals first. What difference does it make if others don't share them?

7. Don't cling to the past

Over time we carry an emotional backpack full of bad moments that have allowed us to learn.

It is not good to hold on to past moments. Letting go is very important to grow. Avoid living with the mistakes of the past. Love each other, accept yourself and see adverse situations as opportunities for improvement.

8. Don't depend on others for your best life

To be happy, therefore to live better, you have to feel good about yourself. The human being is sociable by nature, but it is important to understand that being happy in your own solitude allows you to know how to be happy with others.

It is wonderful to share life with other people, but if one day certain relationships end, you have to know how to move forward. The only person we can always count on is ourselves.

9. Balance between mind and body to live better

It is necessary to be comfortable with ourselves and be consistent in our actions. If we achieve a balance between mind and body, we will have a healthier life and can share the best of ourselves with others.


We encourage you to adopt these guidelines and make them healthy habits. Sometimes we don't notice that small steps allow you to reach long distances, popular destinations. Learn to appreciate your life more and you will be happier.

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