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Stai fencing delle beautiful phrases about life? In this article I have collected for you 100 aphorisms of some of the brightest minds in history, aphorisms that will accompany and inspire you on your path of personal improvement.


There are those who collect stamps, there are those who collect coins, I collect ... passwords.

For almost 20 years now I have been in the habit of collecting and jealously guarding the most beautiful phrases I find in my readings (books of personal growth, philosophy, literature, poetry, science).

I have now collected hundreds and every time I need inspiration I browse mine archive of beautiful phrases.

Doing so is good for the soul.

In this GetPersonalGrowth article I have collected for you 100 unpublished quotes from my collection.

In short, not the usual Perugina acchiappa like kissing phrases, but profound reflections written by sages, artists, poets, warriors and statesmen; phrases that explore human nature and talk about:

  • Self Consciousness.
  • Courage.
  • Inspiration.
  • Action.
  • Rebellion.

I warn you: some of them are not immediate, and will require you some moments of reflection. But their value is also in this. I deliberately avoided accompanying them with an interpretation of them, precisely because I want these words to decant in your mind.

Sometimes one of these phrases will strike you on a visceral level, even if you don't quite know why. When that happens, give yourself some time. Absorb these words and if you will be intrigued, explore their meaning in your research.

When a sentence hits you, it will never be by accident, and its exploration will give you important clues about it what you need in this moment of your life.

Having said that, in some cases I have allowed myself to link you to GetPersonalGrowth articles that can give you a first interpretation :)

I sincerely hope these phrases brighten your days as they have enlightened me for years.

Let's begin.

Beautiful phrases about awareness

Much of our suffering comes from one poor awareness. Sometimes we live our days repetitively, on the surface, lost in the meanders of our thoughts. Regaining awareness is a bit like going back to seeing life in technicolor.

Here are some of the best phrases that will remind you of this simple truth:

1. “Nothing without gioia. "

Loris Malaguzzi.

2. “We see the world in a way Wrong and we say that it deceives us. "

Rabindranath Tagore.

3. “Before evaluating whether an answer is correct, one must evaluate whether the question it's right."

Immanuel Kant.

4. “Whoever looks outside dreams; who looks in if this.”

Carl Gustav Jung.

5. “If the doors of the perception were cleaned, everything would appear to man as it is: infinite. "

William Blake.

6. “With your words crei a world around you. "

Navajo proverb.

7. “We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors. We take it borrowed from our children. "

Native American proverb.

8. “The world is full of obvious things that no one ever takes care of observe. "

Arthur Conan Doyle.

9. 'Move away from my sun. "

Diogenes of Sinope to Alexander the Great, who asked him what he wanted.

10. “I pensieri they are effective factors of the universe. "


11. “Knowledge is what remains in the the memory when you have forgotten everything. "

Édouard Herriot.

12. “Why do you see the twig in the eye of your brother and don't you see the beam in yours? "

Gospel of Matthew.

13. "The character it's half the destiny. "

Raoul La Grasserie.

14. "When you walk, walking. When you eat, it eats. "

Said Zen.

15. "The roof burned:
I can see Moon. "

Mizuta Masahide.

16. “Someday you will be old enough to start reading again tales. "

Clive Staples Lewis.

17. “It is useless to draw the sword for cut the water; the water will continue to flow. "

Li bai.

18. “If the grain of wheat that fell to the ground does not die, it remains alone; if instead muore, it produces a lot of fruit. "

Gospel of John.

19. "The pomeriggio he knows things that the morning did not even suspect. "

James Hillman.

20. “Ripen like the tree, which does not press its juices and is peaceful in the storms of spring without apprehension that summer cannot come. For summer is coming. "

Rainer Maria Rilke.

21. “The discussion is less than the silence. "

Liou Kia Hway.

22. “I believe a blade of grass is no less than the daily work of the stars. "

Walt Whitman.

23. "In a full heart there is room for everything. "

Antonio Porchia.

24. “For the enlightened mind the world burns and sparkles with light. "

Ralph Waldo Emerson.

25. "As he thinks in his heart, so he is."

Proverbs 23, 7.

26. 'Do not waste new tears for old pains. "


27. “You cannot defeat rivers if you swim against the rush of the wave. "


28. “And we will not be future who we were, nor who we are. "


29. “When you are in a hurry, walk slow. "

Chinese proverb.

30. “The meaning of life is make sense to life. "

Rudolf Steiner.

31. “Whatever we say, we always talk about ourselves. "

Alison Bechdel.

32. “The fire has no more smoke when it has become flame. "


33. “Chance favors the mind prepared. "

Louis Pasteur.

34. “If there is a solution, why do you worry? If there is no solution, why do you worry? "


35. “Water, he teaches it the thirst. "

Emily Dickinson.

Aphorisms about courage

If the awareness is the key to returning to full life, the courage it is the necessary ingredient to live a life to be proud of. So let's see the reflections of contemporaries and greats of history on this "ingredient".

36. “Obstacles are those scary things you see when distract the eyes from the goal. "

Henry Ford.

37. “If you are not willing to sacrifice the usual, we will have to settle for the ordinary. "

Jim Rohn.

38. “What would life be like if we didn't have the courage to to attempt something?"

Vincent van Gogh.

39. "Heaven belongs toimpetuous that does not wait for him. "

Lou GetPersonalGrowths-Salome.

40. “In a world that changes quickly, the only strategy that fails for sure is not to rush risks. "

Mark Zuckerberg.

41. “Courage is not the absence of fear, but the idea that something else is more important of fear. "

Mia Thermopolis.

42. “Courage is the ability to renounce to what is familiar to us. "

Raymond Lindquist.

43. “Where there is danger what saves also grows. "

Friedrich Holderlin.

44. “Treat all of life as an experience on the verge of death, because that's what it is. "

David Miller.

45. “Weak desires lead to weak results, as does a small fire produces a small amount of heat. "

Napoleon Hill.

46. ​​“Dying is nothing. Don't live it's scary. "

Victor Hugo.

47. “Lord, let me always wish more than succeed in realizing. "

Michelangelo Buonarroti.

48. “Living is leave the mark, do not get an income. "

Kevin Kruse.

49. "If it scares you, worth it try. "

Seth Godin.

50. “It doesn't matter how many years we lived, but how much we have lived every year."

Abraham Lincoln.

51. “Don't be afraid of leave the good for the best."

John D. Rockfeller.

52. “An essential element of art is the risk. If you don't risk how can you create something authentically beautiful that has never been seen before? "

Francis Ford Coppola.

53. “I can't understand why people are afraid of new ideas. The old ones scare me. "

John Cage.

54. “The snake that cannot leave its skin behind must die. So it happens to the mind that doesn't know change their own opinions. It stops being a mind. "

Friedrich Nietzsche.

55. “Hit as long as you like, but there will still be some face left for me smile at you. "

Jack London.

56. “I know what your drug is. It's his cursed will. "

Jack London.

Beautiful phrases for your inspiration

Sometimes all we need is just a ray of inspiration. Here are some phrases that can brighten your day.

57. "If you love him he loves you,
if you are looking for it, it is looking for you,
if you find it found you. "


58. “If my devils have to leave me, I fear mine too angels they will take flight. "

Rainer Maria Rilke.

59. “Our first teacher is ours heart. "

Cheyenne proverb.

60. “Because a God has designated to each his path. "

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

61. “I close my eyes for to be able to see. "

Paul Gauguin.

62. “The best thing we can experience is the sense of mystery. It is the source of all true art and all science. "

Albert Einstein.

63. “There is a rumor that does not use words. Listen to it. "


64. “She is a very poor one the memory the one that only works backwards. "

Lewis Carrol.

65. “No one turns to star is fixed. "

Leonardo da Vinci.

66. “Let yourself be lured in silence by the strange force of what you love. It will not lead you to drift. "


67. “There is nothing like a dream to create the future. "

Victor Hugo.

68. “We are what we are and where we are, because first we have it imagined. "

Dan Curtis.

69. "If something excites you, leak. If it dries you up, stop doing it. "

Derek Sivers.

70. “If I create something with the heart, very easily it will work; if I use my head it will be very difficult. "

Marc Chagall.

71. "The intellect seeks, the heart finds. "

George Sand.

72. “An intuition is the creativity that try to tell you something."

Fritjof Capra.

Quotes to put you into action

What is one of the adjectives I use the most in my articles? That's right ... "practical".

GetPersonalGrowth was born to offer you practical examples of personal growth.

Therefore, a group of beautiful phrases could not be missing that push you toaction. Here they are!

73. “Today I'll act like it's the day that I will be remembered. "

Dr Seuss.

74. “There is only one way to avoid the criticisms. Do nothing, say nothing and be nothing. "


75. “If we all did what we are capable of doing, we would be amazed. "

Thomas Edison.

76. “The man who moves a mountain begins by moving small stones. "


77. 'To commute the distance in the vicinity; discomfort in comfort; hunger into satiety. "


78. “An enlightened ruler makes plans, a good commander there cultivate. "


79. “Successful people have fears, doubts, worries. Only these they don't stop them. "

T. Harv Eker.

80. “You miss one hundred percent of the shots that never pull. "

Wayne Gretzky

81. "What I like aboutexperience is that it is one thing so honest. You can make a lot of wrong turns; but keep your eyes peeled and you will not be allowed to push yourself too far before the appears right sign. "

Clive Staples Lewis.

82. “A lot buy who by losing learns. "

Michelangelo Buonarroti.

83. “You don't learn to walk by following some rules. You learn by doing it and falling. "

Richard Branson.

84. “We will find a way. Or we will build it. "


85. 'Do not wait to live. "


86. “I always do what I don't know how to do, in order to learn how to do it. "

Pablo Picasso.

87. "Do not seek, located. "

Pablo Picasso.

88. “Act as if your actions could make the difference. They do it. "

William James.

89. “Now is no time to think about what you don't have. Think about what you can do with what you have. "

Ernest Hemingway.

Beautiful phrases about rebellion

I would like to conclude this collection from my collection of phrases for personal growth with 10 quotes dedicated to rebellion.

In fact, we often settle on a life that does not belong to us: time to rebel.

90. “Don't give me advice, I know how to make mistakes from me. "

spicy grill.

91. “The trouble of modern conveniences is that they are so uncomfortable. "

Henry Ford.

92. "If you hear a voice saying to you 'you cannot paint', paint anyway, and that voice will be silenced. "

Vincent van Gogh.

93. "I limit your actions in life to the things in which no one can find any defects you won't do much. "

Lewis Carrol.

94. “Only those who dare go far can find out how far it is possible to go. "

Thomas Stearns Eliot.

95. 'Any fool he can formulate a rule, and any fool will obey it. "

Henry David Thoreau.

96. “You will be remembered for the rules that you will have broken. "

Douglas MacArthur.

97. “If at first the idea doesn't it's absurd, then there is no hope of it happening. "

Albert Einstein.

98. 'If we had known what we were doing we wouldn't call it research, right? "

Albert Einstein.

99. “Study earnestly what interests you most in the world more unruly, irreverent and original as possible. "

Richard Feynman.

100. “Look after what others think and you always will be their prisoners. "

Lao Tsu.

Good. This collection ends here. I hope it was an inspiration to you.

Is there any sentence that made you skip a beat? Which? I'm curious, share it in the comments or feel free to share your personal favorite quote. I will be happy to read it.

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