Life passes as we prepare to live

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Life passes as we prepare to live

There is always a promotion to be obtained, a skill to improve and an obligation to respect. But what about our time?

Last update: 11 September, 2020

All we do is repeat that life certainly does not come with the instruction manual. And so, most of us end up sticking to a gradual plan that governs our existence. Without realizing it, we spend our precious time trying to achieve goals, one after the other. Meanwhile, life passes before our eyes.

In most cases, unfortunately, it is a plan that we have not even defined. We have simply internalized what others consider the path to success and happiness. We keep forgetting that, as Seligman says, everyone is the creator of their own happiness.

We prepare to live

good opportunities

Parents, with the aim that their children have all the skills and tools necessary for the future, begin to prepare them from early childhood. They choose the best schools and make a financial effort to enroll their little ones for a wide variety of extracurricular activities. English, German, basketball, chess, swimming, piano ... everything seems important, everything seems necessary to enrich the curriculum of life.

As we grow, we strive to get the best grades, be admitted to the most prestigious universities, and attend the most sought-after masters and postgraduate degrees. We give up friends, rest and all kinds of entertainment to study something that will guarantee us a salary in the future.

After getting a job, which we may not even like, we do not hesitate to work overtime or deprive ourselves of the trip or the item of clothing we would like to buy to save money, because you never know what can happen. Whenever we think we are enjoying the present, there seems to be a future that requires our sacrifice: there is always something to do on our list. So, as we focus on tomorrow, life goes on.

Life passes and we don't notice it

As we prepare to live, life passes. As we run from one activity to another, the time to devote to play, exploration, discovery, imagination flows to never return. All this though we know that the future requires more creative and curious human beings.

As we study tirelessly, the opportunity to dance, laugh, meet new people and expand our horizons is lost. Our children grow up while we devote our time to work that makes us unhappy. The opportunity to practice our hobbies, to spend time with family, to have fun with friends, to travel and see the world pass before our eyes.

At what point will we consider ourselves prepared enough to start living? Perhaps then we will no longer be able to take that trip to Thailand that we longed for or the coveted item of clothing will have gone out of fashion and our children will have already grown up.

How old are you now? Whatever the answer, you will never be younger than you are now, you will never have all the energy that you have right now. Life is happening now as you read this article. Are you satisfied with the use you have made of your time to date?

Finding the balance

It is clear that we cannot ignore our responsibilities and dedicate ourselves exclusively to having fun. We have to study, have a job and think about the future. And on many occasions we cannot choose. However, there is a healthy middle ground.

For society, only what generates productivity is needed. But as human beings, good mental and emotional health is essential for us. We need to rest, talk, love, be creative, laugh and feel fulfilled. These activities may not be profitable, but they are essential. When this fantastic adventure that is life comes to an end, we will only have our experiences: do you think there could be a better investment than this?

If you are going to follow a plan, make sure it is yours, that it is tailor-made for you. Train for the pleasure of doing it, study out of curiosity, read to learn more about what fascinates you. Try to find a job that somehow enriches you on a personal level. Set aside time to paint, sing, read, play with your children or take a walk on the beach. Life passes and does not come back, let's enjoy it.

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