Getting closer to happiness: 5 changes

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Getting closer to happiness: 5 changes

The PERMA approach involves five actions, habits or ways of looking at life to get closer to happiness. 

Last update: April 22, 2022

The acronym "PERMA" might seem strange and absolutely far from the concept of joy. Instead, it is the English acronym of a wonderful current whose main goal is to get closer to happiness.

It is not only useful for the individual, but can be applied to groups, families or couples. The PERMA system was created by Martin Seligman, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania.

His theory of well-being is internationally known and is used in many countries with more than interesting results.

La ricerca della felicità

The human being is constantly looking for happiness, which can lie in a new love, a better job, the arrival of a child, buying a house, a vacation in the Caribbean, or the company of friends.

If we start thinking about how each action or object will give us happiness (bearing in mind that material goods shouldn't provide us with such a feeling), we can apply the PERMA theory.

As Dr. Seligman likes to call it, it is a description of what people should do to get closer to happiness. Everyone has to analyze their life and determine what weighs the most in their balance, whether love, health, work, etc.

The PERMA approach involves five actions, habits or ways of looking at life, as we prefer to call them.

The 5 PERMA actions to approach happiness

Cultivate positive emotions

The first letter is the "P", from English positive emotions, or positive emotions. It is proven that optimistic people perform better in their work or have fun, for example, with their partner.

They feel good about themselves and pass it on to others. We should therefore learn to cultivate positive emotions: joy, serenity, hope, gratitude, wonder, love, inspiration and recreation. So you can face evil and overcome obstacles.


The second letter "E" derives from English engagement, which means "involvement". Seligman invites us to get involved as much as possible in the activities we like.

By cultivating a passion, we feel happy. We feel so satisfied when we dedicate ourselves to what we are passionate about that we forget the problems. We never get tired, we can continue to give our best, it is not a burden, but a blessing. Discover your passions and you will feel fulfilled.

Positive relationships to get closer to happiness

The third letter is the "R" of relationships, therefore relationships. The relationships we build need to be positive and help us be better people. Let's stay away from destructive bonds, on the contrary let's look for those that help us grow.

Seligman invites you to connect with what surrounds us and to do not be afraid to distance yourself from those who do not add anything good to our life. We cultivate relationships as if they were plants that require care and attention to grow.


In fourth place we have the letter "M", for meaning, meaning and purpose. We all have one (or more) goals in life, which constitute the true meaning of human existence.

In achieving our goals we learn, grow and leave a teaching to others. It can happen in any context, from the family to the environment, passing through health, religion, politics or society.

Realization to get closer to happiness

Finally, the “A” of achievement, which means success and results. We need to feel useful, competent, that our actions are not in vain and that we can act independently.

In other words, set short, medium and long-term goals and develop discipline and self-control. The latter are the best tools for achieving goals and getting closer to happiness.

Each result achieved will increase your self-confidence and you will have more desire to move forward, improving day by day.

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