Perseverance is the key to success

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Perseverance is the key to success

Without perseverance, the ability to grow and improve as a person is severely limited, as is the ability to achieve success, wealth and happiness.

Last update: June 03, 2019

Whatever you do in life, there will always be times when things don't go as planned, when everything seems to be rowing against or is wrong. It is at times like these that you want to give up and stop fighting for success. But as Benjamin Franklin said, "energy and persistence conquer all things". Perseverance, therefore, is an important trait to develop in one's life.

Indeed, it is intimately linked to personal development and growth. It improves by making a mistake; when one is able to learn from experiences and to advance with the perseverance and determination necessary to not give up.

Without perseverance, the ability to grow and improve as a person is severely limited, as well as the possibility of success, wealth and happiness.

Many think that talent or training is a guarantee for success. But talent and knowledge are of little use without perseverance. There is no doubt that hard work is worth more than just talent. Regardless of your abilities, what matters is how you act. It is the results that make the difference.

“Nothing in this world can replace good old perseverance, nor talent - what's more common than talented men who are not successful? - nor genius - unrecognized genius is now a cliché - not even education - since the world is full of educated jerks. Only perseverance and determination are omnipotent. "

-Calvin Coolidge-

Perseverance: actions to achieve success

In 2013, Alden Mills, former Navy Seal platoon commander, now successful businessman, author and lecturer, published Be Unstoppable: The 8 Essential Actions to Succeed at Anything; a motivational, personal growth and leadership book in which Mills recounts how he overcame asthma to become an elite soldier.

Alden Mills

The book, written mostly in allegorical form, tells the story of a young and inexperienced ship captain who uncovers the secrets of success in the life of a more experienced captain. The young officer meets the experienced commander who will undergo phenomenal training, leading him to a new path of dreams and ambitions.

In Be Unstoppable, Mills proposes eight actions to overcome bad habits, achieve one's goals and, in this way, achieve personal success. We propose them below:

Action # 1: understand why

Mills says recovering from asthma, becoming a Navy Seal, and starting a company were his main goals. “Although they were all different, the actions required to reach them were exactly the same. They all started with a clear understanding of what I wanted to achieve and why “.

Mills states that it all starts with understanding your own motivations, that is, the reasons that push you to pursue your dreams. Understanding the motivations behind a goal means you have the fuel to move forward, even when others are pushing you to quit.

«Your whys will give you the power to cast out the demons of doubt that will inevitably invade your mind […] Understanding why is the engine of perseverance: it keeps you going even when you think you can't. It's very important. Before starting the journey, find out what your motivations are !. "

-Alden Mills-

 Action n ° 2: plan

"Not planning is planning for failure," says Mills. And he also says, "Planning means preparing and the more you prepare, the more likely you are to be successful." Planning is an action of great importance to Mills, who argues that it must be carried out in 3 steps, not with the intention of creating a perfect plan, but to design a plan that leads to success, regardless of the obstacles that may be encountered. The steps are:

  • To define: specify your goal. What do you hope to achieve and when?
  • Split: create an action plan, dividing the plan into small steps that can bring you closer to your goal day by day.
  • To develop: every morning, ask yourself what action to take during the day to get closer to your goal.

Planning following these 3 steps (define, divide and develop) is the most important action to achieve success according to Mills.

Action # 3: train

Mills argues that training is the best way to achieve success and goals in life. Thirty minutes of exercise a day can become the secret weapon to make your dreams come true, says Mills. It's not just about exercising, it's a very important action. Mills says his successes started with exercise, hence the importance he places on training.

«Training has been my companion all my life. It gave me the confidence and courage to face my fears, the stamina and strength to fight for my dreams and, yes, I also thank the training for helping me win the woman of my dreams. "

-Alder Mills-

Action n ° 4: look for the motivation to believe in yourself

Mills states that "Certain circumstances in life represent a challenge in which one is called to deeply explore oneself to find the strength necessary to move forward."

Moments in which it is necessary to use all your strength, despite the pain and suffering, and in which to find the real motivation to believe in yourself. Everything we've done so far has brought us here. Everything we have done so far leads us to believe that we can do it and to act to do so. And when we finally do it, our life changes forever, because we learn to believe in ourselves.

“The origin of the reason for believing doesn't really matter; what matters is recognizing the reason behind your goals. The motivation to believe in yourself is the secret weapon to be successful, regardless of the size of the obstacles to be faced ».

-Alder Mills-

"Finding the reason to believe is a fundamental component to achieve your goals" and "to be successful, you have to believe you can achieve it". Recognizing your reason for believing in you will empower you in the most difficult times and will inspire others as well.

Action 5: Review your habits to encourage perseverance

We are all in control of our habitssays Mills. Changing bad habits is as simple as recognizing the ones you want to change and making the changes needed to create new ones. After all, as Mills says, "the process of creating good habits is no different from the process of creating bad habits."

To develop the habits useful for achieving your goals, Mills proposes what he calls the 3C method:

  • Self Consciousness: be aware of the habit that is holding you back.
  • Concentration: focus on the action or actions you want to change.
  • ControlOnce you recognize the action you need to change to develop a habit that can help you achieve your goal, take control of it.

Action 6: improvise

Sometimes it is necessary to abandon the plan, because circumstances require it. But don't be afraid. The problem, however, is that improvising isn't as easy as it sounds. Mills states that you need to practice in order to be able to improvise. In practice, he argues that “the ability to improvise is not a talent that is obtained at birth; it is a behavior that can develop ».

Improvisation is not a natural behavior, since by instinct when one encounters an obstacle one is led to stop and recognize it as a limit, thus blocking any progress. On the contrary, for Mills, improvising means recognizing failures and doing things differently.

 “Improvising isn't the norm, but success isn't either. Few achieve success in pursuing their dreams, those who do are also those willing to find different ways to achieve it. You will never be successful by doing what everyone else does. "

-Alder Mills-

Action n ° 7: ask an expert for advice

When Mills proposes to seek advice from an expert, he does so with the idea of ​​exploiting the knowledge and experience of those who have already gone through a similar process or specializes in areas that can help us achieve success faster. Sometimes it will be enough to ask for advice, at other times you will have to refer to the specialized literature and at other times you will have to pay for a service.

There is nothing wrong with asking for help. Never be ashamed of this.

“Sooner or later you will need help, so learn to ask for it. The ability or not to do so can become your best asset, or your biggest problem. The better the experts you turn to, the greater your chances of success. The sooner you start looking for experts to ask for advice, the sooner you will be able to reach your goals. Forget your pride: seek the advice of an expert! "

-Alder Mills-

Action # 8: Create a team to foment perseverance

As in the previous case, this action is also an exercise in humility. Mills proposes to create a team of experienced people in fields where we are not. "We must look within ourselves and recognize our weaknesses", even if it is not easy to admit it.

A teammate not only completes us, but also helps us when we are stuck. It is easier to find a solution in two than alone.

“Nobody can do everything. Forming a team is a fundamental step to make your dreams come true. It can mean the difference between languishing in inertia and achieving the most incredible success. "

-Alder Mills-

In short, the best way to achieve success begins by understanding your why. From there comes the drive for motivation, which is what fuels perseverance. When in doubt, remember your why.

As Lao Tzu said, perseverance is the basis of all actions. Never forget why you want to achieve something, and you will always have the perseverance necessary to achieve it.

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