Fat burning foods: what they are and when to eat them

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Keep the line it's a problem for most people. Regardless of their gender, men and women are now in equal measure more and more attentive to the direction in which the needle on the scales is pointing.

Whatever the reasons (health, aesthetics or due to the conditioning of modern society) more and more attention is paid to maintaining an ideal body weight and satisfying one's vanity.

To obtain and maintain the purpose for a long time, it is a trend help yourself with "fat burning" foods. Let's see what they are and if they really work.

> The role of fats in the body

> What are fat burning foods

> Fat-burning party foods


Coffee is one of the fat-burning foods

Fat burning foods: what they are and when to eat them



The role of fats in the body

It is not certain that fats are always harmful and must be eliminated. The organism needs a small amount of fat for its physiology. What is important to understand is that the choice of the fat quality in one's diet can play a significant role in maintaining a state of "top" well-being (without LDL cholesterol) and to keep the balance needle stable more to the left than in the opposite direction.

La margarine whatever its denomination (classic or vegetable) it is to be banned from our table together with vegetable fats (palm and sunflower oil to name a couple of examples) and non-hydrogenated vegetable fats (sunflower, corn, rapeseed, palm) or hydrogenated (margarine). In fact, it is not enough for a vegetable oil or fat to contain omega six or omega three. What makes it healthy is the relationship between the two omegas. However, it is always recommended to take only omega three to avoid complications. On a physiological level, once the omega sei has been ingested, in combination with “insulin” it produces a chemical reactivity that is dangerous for the organism (autoimmune diseases).

Il XNUMX/XNUMX cup salted butter (saturated fat) is rich in cholesterol. On the market today we have a wide choice in this regard. Clarified butter or ghee (Indian) is nothing other than the fat part of the butter after it has been separated from the water and the protein part, therefore suitable for those who do not tolerate lactose or casein. The peculiarity is the concentration of fat mass which gives a more consistent and tasty flavor.

Furthermore, on a practical level, it can be easily stored. Anhydrous butter is a “dehydrated” butter and widely used for its high yield in pastry. Basically it is very fat and full-bodied and for this reason the quantities are halved compared to classic butter.


What are fat burning foods

A good fat burning food must be saziante and contain few heatsAnd. Must be capable of stimulate our metabolism and, why not, it can also be tasty.

Coffee is by far the most effective fat burner. There caffeine (active ingredient) is also used to move the cellulite deposited in the adipose panniculus and in associated therapy. Those suffering from tachycardia, heart problems, insomnia or anxiety states should refrain. Caffeine in these cases can make the problem worse.

Another good way to burn fat is to add to our diet the fibers. Fiber is found in abundance in vegetables and legumes, fruit and grains. In particular, we pause to analyze the qualities of the bean pod. The bean, in fact, it intervenes by counteracting excess body weight thanks to the high content of vegetable proteins and fiber with a satiating power.

Feeling hungry is a major obstacle to "dieting" to achieve excess weight loss. It is often a purely psychological problem: "I am on a diet I cannot eat" and therefore the mechanism of "hungry anytime, anywhere".

In fact, thought always focuses on the same topic (food) making us irascible and nervous. This attitude then leads us inexorably to open the refrigerator and thus to blow up all good intentions. If nutrition alone is not enough to fill the empty stomach we can take fiber-based supplements. 

It is a good idea to drink plenty of water or other liquids but unsweetened when taking supplements of this kind to avoid aggravating the "bloating" problem with constipation.

Eating raw vegetables is the best way to regain your figure and stay healthy. The vegetables in themselves they are low in calories: salad, mushrooms, watermelon, celery, fennel and radishes are really almost calorie-free and have an extra gear that works in our favor because they participate in the drainage of body fluids. The presence of fiber is satiating and exerts an "absorbing" power favoring glycemic control (diabetes control and prolongation of the sense of satiety).

Daikon (Raphanus sativus var. Longipinnatus) is a well-known root in Japan. Known for its purifying and detoxifying properties, it is recommended at the end of fried or high-fat meals; this root in fact, promotes the digestion of fried foods and heavy foods and it is considered a real natural fat burner. 

We have seen and described chilli pepper extensively when we talked about antioxidant / anti-cholesterol foods and we also find it as a fat-burning food for its ability to activate the metabolism by releasing heat.

Contrary to popular belief, the most active features in pineapple are found in stem and not in its pulp. The stem of the pineapple is therefore essential to control the daily caloric intake. Furthermore, the presence of bromelain helps the digestion of proteins.

It is therefore anti-inflammatory and fibrinolytic (fibrin is a protein that participates in the formation of clots), draining and mucolytic.

It is therefore suitable if you need a weight loss associated with cellulite and water retention. High water content fruits, such as watermelon, help fill the void and halve the sense of hunger.


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Fat burning foods: what they are and when to eat them

Some cereals such as barley and buckwheat (the latter does not actually belong to the category of cereals but for quality and ductility of processing and the result obtained is part of this common "imaginary") can easily be included in a diet " fat burning".

Barley it has a rather low calorie content and a good amount of protein and fiber. For these reasons it has a satiating and anti-cholesterol effect.

Il buckwheat it is now easily found on the market. So not only soups and pasta but also bread and biscuits made with this cereal, if consumed properly, can correspond to the needs of those who are constantly struggling with the needle of the balance and in controlling blood sugar and cholesterol.

Le soups they are a great dietary solution. They are filling and also economical. They can be based on vegetables or legumes and cereals. The broth must be strictly vegetable and not fat. The addition of spices (chilli, turmeric, ginger) with a thermo-genetic action complete the dish, giving it flavor and increasing its palatability.

In fact, who said that i diet foods are necessarily tasteless and sad? In a fat-burning diet, even potatoes cooked in foil or steamed but also in the oven by limiting the condiments and using the right ones, can be included in our dietary regime by replacing refined bread.

Soy is known for being proven anti-cholesterol quality and because it is a very good and precious source of vegetable proteins that replace meat and cheeses which are not exactly dietetic but are rich in fats and calories. Soy is good eaten as it is found in nature (bean) in salads or stewed in a pan on its own or together with other vegetables or as a side dish for main courses. The resulting soy yogurt or milk is cholesterol-free and low in calories. They are therefore valid snacks without creating problems of conscience.


Fat burning foods at parties

Near the holidays we can safely feast respecting our good intentions. On New Year's Eve the custom of eat lentils it can only help us. Lentils contain fiber and are low in calories. They are usually served with zampone. If we eat them first, we will certainly halve the portion of meat.

The zampone and the cotechino are in fact very fatty. As dessert let's leave out the heavier and buttery panettone in favor of the characteristic fruit of the country and exotic and we eat some walnuts and almonds. Cholesterol levels will thank us for sure and so will the Silouette.

If you can, choose simple first courses without filling and without dips and season with plenty of spices. Avoid drinking wine or at least try to limit yourself to a single glass for the midnight toast.

Finally drink carbonated water it will guarantee you a safe balloon effect but a passenger that will help you to hold back from any encores.


The properties of lentils, one of the fat burning foods


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