Family beliefs: what to do ours?

Family beliefs: what to do ours?

Each of us faces the wonderful journey of life with our own means. Some have both strengths and frailties that begin to take shape around family beliefs.

Family beliefs: what to do ours?

Last update: February 19, 2022

Each of us faces the wonderful journey of life with our own means. Some have both strengths and frailties that begin to take shape around family beliefs. Thus, in a certain sense, we could say that we are apprentices in the face of the obstacles that we gradually overcome and, therefore, that we have various tools.

The essence of who we are begins to come to life during our early years, when we are in our nest, surrounded by the people most dear to us. Our family helps us to weave the people we will be tomorrow, and it does so through its actions and words, with which it teaches us, step by step, what the world is like.

Thanks to our families, we begin to understand the world and, slowly, to know ourselves, until we take on our own personal perception of life. So, our impression of the world is determined by ourselves and what we have learned from our families. 

The family always leaves a mark. Through words and actions, he shows us different values ​​that are specific to each house. These are family values, or inherited beliefs that we live with. Sometimes they are profoundly useful, but other times they are not, so it is vital to observe what we can learn from their heritage.

Your beliefs become your thoughts, your thoughts become your words, your words become your actions, your actions become your habits, your habits become your values, your values ​​become your destiny.


Family beliefs, a double-edged sword

The legacy left to us by our family is very important. These are beliefs that are gradually transmitted to us when the world is shown to us; sometimes they remain in our unconscious and, by inertia, we follow them like commandments.

There are different beliefs that are passed down from generation to generation. Among them, there are some that can hurt us particularly. They are double-edged weapons, because we have absorbed them so much that we are not aware of them, so much so that we follow them spontaneously, although they cause us discomfort.

Some examples may be sentences that have been repeated to us or, simply, we have not held back from thinking about what implication sentences have such as: "all men are equal" or "all women are equal". A person who has been inculcated with this phrase may subconsciously pursue this belief and distrust men and women in her daily life.

Without realizing it, we pursue certain beliefs that can prevent us from knowing and having our own personal impression of certain situations. So we limit ourselves and remain firm on what we have learned, without even exploring new routes. Now, this does not mean that all beliefs are negative, but that some are.

Family Beliefs: Keeping Our Roots In Mind

Beliefs inherited from the family can also be positive. We can learn from them, so it is important to keep them in mind. Also, as we begin to be more aware of which beliefs to take as cornerstones, we can deal with negative beliefs.

Also, family beliefs are associated with our roots, so we learn them largely in childhood, from our own circle. Keep in mind that when we talk about family beliefs we are referring to those people with whom you have lived a good part of your life and also that every family is unique.

Our roots are the essence of our origins, honoring them allows us to take a step forward. If what they taught us is positive or negative, it has still allowed us to live and we can learn from it every day. When we analyze our innermost beliefs, we begin to be free to choose how to continue our journey.

Once we grow up, we can decide which path we want to take. At the same time, we can choose which part of what they have taught us to keep. We keep what we want of our roots and, consciously or not, focusing on them allows us to grow, learning something every day.

How do we know what family beliefs are?

Paying attention to the beliefs we have inherited can be extremely helpful. In this way we can remain anchored to those we take advantage of and question those we have taken for right without, however, having analyzed them first. While we can benefit from all of them, if we choose the ones that we can benefit most from, our well-being will increase.

Look at the following steps to identify family beliefs:

  • Know yourself. The art of knowing yourself makes it easier to find out more about your reactions, thoughts and feelings. Once this is discovered, we will find ourselves closer to our beliefs, which are part of who we are.
  • Reflect. Considering something carefully and thoroughly will allow us to better understand our beliefs.
  • Make a list. Making a list of beliefs will help us see them from another point of view, more consciously. After making the list, some strategies can be considered to improve those that do harm. We may gradually add new beliefs that, at first, we did not take into account.
  • Pay attention to the standard phrases. Pay attention right now to the phrases you tend to pronounce in the family: there is the track to identify your beliefs!
  • What prejudices are part of us? Behind the prejudices there may be a belief: it is essential to pay attention to them.

Do not forget that some beliefs give us a lot and enhance the well-being of those who pursue them. There is nothing more wonderful than knowing what is good for us and keeping it present in our lives.

But it's not just about identifying beliefs; if they are negative, it is also important to know how to transform them to avoid malaise. Dare to become aware of the unconscious and change what is causing you pain.

Learn from transmitted family beliefs and benefits

We can take advantage of our family's legacy through beliefs. See the benefits we can count on.

  • Free yourself from unconscious and hurtful aspects.
  • Amplify well-being.
  • Increase harmony.
  • Increase knowledge.
  • Improve the way you relate to others.
  • Learn to live the here and now.
  • Finding your own truth.
  • Overcoming prejudices. 

Family beliefs take us as far as we want them to. They lead us to reach our goals when they are wonderful ways of seeing life and coping with difficulties, but they also take us away from our goals when they are toxic. It is up to us to decide what to follow and what not.

It is therefore important to pay attention to it, because most of the time they are not values ​​that we are aware of, so it will be difficult to transform them if we do not know them. We can carry out a wonderful metamorphosis of the inheritance given to us by our family, understanding that it has offered us a way to face life and understand the world and that we can enjoy it or move away from it depending on whether it gives us well-being or discomfort.

If we perceive family beliefs as a lesson, it will be easier for us to absorb them. Dare to seek within yourself these beliefs that you have made commandments. Reflect and transform your inner world that you have learned in a wonderful way to adopt another, more conscious point of view. Do not delay any longer!

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