Eucalyptus honey, properties and uses in the kitchen

Eucalyptus honey, properties and uses in the kitchen

Eucalyptus honey it is one of the best honeys we produce in the country and is used for its health properties towards respiratory illnesses. Let's find out the characteristics, properties and uses.


Characteristics of eucalyptus honey

The consistency of this honey is compact and the color is that amber turns gray with an even more compact consistency.

Its crystallization takes place in a few months and the particle size is very fine. The flavor is strong, intense and particularly balsamic: for some it recalls mushrooms, wood and curry, while others feel the taste of helichrysum and licorice candies.

However, the taste is not too sweet and the acidity is also moderate.


Properties and benefits of eucalyptus honey

Eucalyptus honey it is mainly used against coughs and typical diseases of the respiratory system such as colds, as well as in general for discomfort due to states of inflammation. These properties have not yet been ascertained at a scientific level even if as regards theessential oil of eucalyptus there are already results of studies that prove its effectiveness against various bacteria and viruses.

Eucalyptus honey contains many antioxidant substances and in particular i flavonoids which contribute to maintaining the well-being of the body because reduce free radicals which are responsible for cellular aging.

Eucalyptus honey thus becomes a food that can be taken as prevention of degenerative diseases and in the case of inflammatory phenomena so much that researches that compare different types of honey have declared the eucalyptus honey as the best antioxidant and anti-aging.

Among its properties we remember the support in cases of bronchitis e sinusitis because it has power expectorant and mucolytic; in fact, it manages to thin the mucus and catarrhs, freeing the nasal passages and the respiratory system in general.

Interesting to know that eucalyptus honey from Europe - meaning in particular the one produced in Spain, the country and Greece - is considered the best among eucalyptus honeys due to the presence of more flavonoids e increased amount of propolis which thus increases its antioxidant power.

The presence of propolis thus he adds to the honey also the antiviral and antibacterial properties che favoriscono l’uso del miele di eucalipto contro ogni attacco esterno provocato da virus o batteri. Uno studio sul miele di eucalipto del paese ha evidenziato che questo miele ha una feffective against a particular bacterium, Staphylococcus aureus, responsible for some forms of respiratory disease.


Eucalyptus honey among the natural remedies for cough in children

How to use eucalyptus honey

Remember that the active substances inside honey are sensitive to heat and light therefore to preserve the beneficial and organoleptic properties of honey it is best to use it fresh in its natural state and keep it away from heat and light.

It is always advisable to choose honey from organic farming to have a better guarantee of absence of chemicals synthesis both in the environment where the bees go to collect pollen and in those used during beekeeping practices.

Good advice to increase the effectiveness is the use of a few drops of eucalyptus essential oil in eucalyptus honey and in association with propolis for an enhanced synergistic action useful in any situation of discomfort of the airways and respiratory system.


Eucalyptus honey in the kitchen

Eucalyptus honey comes associated with mature and tasty cheeses such as parmesan and parmesan or with low-fat cheeses.

Also great in plain white yogurt, associations not indicated however in case of flu and presence of mucus when it is recommended to avoid products deriving from milk. In this case it is better to choose tea with eucalyptus honey; the best match is with i strong tea with cinnamon or ginger, also excellent in cases of colds.

Eucalyptus honey is however perfect to accompany first and second courses of fish and mixed vegetables simply season with oil, lemon and eucalyptus honey.

Even in the legume dishes and soupsand it manages to give an interesting flavor and even in snacks or with sushi. Try experimenting in both sweet and savory to find truly surprising combinations!


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