Eliminating Doubts: A Herculean Business

A certain amount of critical thinking doesn't hurt
nobody. However, sometimes i doubts
they make us make bad decisions or, even worse, us
condemn to total immobility. Obviously, the inability to get acquainted with
certainty what a certain decision hides from us is something quite difficult
to face, but taking risks is the only way to proceed in
journey of life.

Studies carried out in the field of Psychology
they show that when we are victims of doubt we end up looking for one
excessive amount of information (probably trying to find
certainties) but in the end, these only make us postpone the decision. Self
sometimes you have seriously doubted something you know what I mean. In addition, it is also known that people who tend
to be victims of the doubt in
they typically also develop depressive and anxious symptoms. The good news is,
now new research reveals what could be a solution. University of Kentucky and University researchers
Autonomous from Madrid, they carried out a very interesting experiment. They have
involved a number of people who could be described as “doubters
chronic ". To begin, they subjected them to a test with the lens
to awaken the feeling of insecurity. In practice, in this test i
participants had to form a sentence with a series of words. An example of
sentence was: “The spokesman questioned
his reasons "and it was indicated to them that in the case of not being able to train
a sensible phrase, they could leave out the words "The spokesman". Finally, the sentence could have turned out like this: "He questioned his reasons". At this point the experiment took a turn of 360
degrees. The words that were supposed to stir up doubts had the effect
contrary by propitiating security. This suggests that questioning the
our doubts can have benefits. Of course, it's not about one
permanent solution, but it will work in the short term. Researchers found that we can dispel the
doubts even just by moving the head in a negative sign. Of course, this
effect only lasts a few minutes, so that's not the safest solution for
eliminate important doubts. However, it is certain that the study turns out a lot
interesting since it shows us once more as simple gestures or words
they can enhance one state of mind rather than another. An exercise
which will help you make decisions
When we have to make an important decision e
we have doubts, our strategy tends to be procrastination
(postpone the decision). Perhaps because we believe that with the passage of time
we will be able to obtain more information and thus reduce insecurity. Obviously, not
I mean that it is a wrong strategy given that sometimes the choice
wiser it is surely to wait. However, this strategy isn't always
assertive but rather in most cases it ends up provoking us big
tension and at times, even makes us miss excellent opportunities. If you are the type of person who tends to stop during
the path because doubts do not allow him to advance, I have here for you a
very simple exercise that will help you make the decision you continue
to postpone. 1. Concentrate on the decision you need to make.
Write on a piece of paper what decision you are putting off
(we underline that normally what is referred is the implementation
of the decision). At this point, stop and examine your feelings.
How do you feel when you think about your decision? Record these emotions
in a column on the sheet of paper. 2. Make a list with your doubts. Think about it
on each of them and try to associate doubts with the emotions you feel.
Now, ask yourself if your doubt has any real basis or is it just one
belief that is limiting you. Eliminate all doubts that have no basis
real or whose chance to materialize is less than 50%. Eliminate
all the feelings you have associated with them. You will be surprised to see that on your list
few doubts and negative feelings remain, because really the majority of
hesitations that hold us back come from wrong beliefs related to
ourselves and life. 3. Bring a similar situation to your mind in the
which you have made the proper decision. This will give you confidence. 4. Identify your qualities. It will surprise you
see how doubts come not from your best qualities but rather
from your fears. 5. Accept the risks. Behind every decision there is
always another path that you will not take. This is a risk and a one
responsibility that we will have to accept. The most important thing is to feel safe
that, at this very moment, with the information you had, you have
made the best possible decision.
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