5 tricks to reduce stress at work

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If you suffer from anxiety, one of the main causes is likely to be in the workplace. Daily life can be very stressful, especially for a person who is already anxious about themselves. However, letting the anxiety build up is counterproductive, when you are at work and you feel that a certain situation is causing you too much stress, you should take a break to calm the anxiety because otherwise you will end up exploding or feel extremely exhausted.

How to quickly calm anxiety?

1. Breathe slowly. When we are anxious we begin to breathe faster and more interruptedly. This is a normal reaction, because our brain perceives the situation we are experiencing as potentially dangerous and activates the vegetative system to respond as if we are running a real risk. So taking control of our breath will help calm anxiety, it's the equivalent of telling our brains that it was a false alarm. Gradually everything will return to normal. Take a deep breath, hold the air and release it slowly. Repeat this exercise for five minutes. Or you can use diaphragmatic breathing.

2. Repeat an affirmative mantra. Most of the time anxiety is not caused by the situations themselves, but by our interpretation of them and, above all, by the repetitive thoughts they generate. These thoughts amplify the consequences of anxiety and paralyze us so it is imperative to stop them. It is not necessary to think about these ideas, just choose a mantra that will bring us peace and tranquility. For example, we can repeat: "This is a temporary thing, it will end soon", "I will be fine", "Now I will relax and feel calmer". Choose the phrase that makes you feel best.

3. Get moving. Sometimes the best way to relieve anxiety is to get away from the situation that generates it. In this case, you can get up and leave the office. Ideally, you can take a 10 or 15 minute walk, preferably in a green area, because nature has enormous relaxing power. Another alternative is to go to a quiet place where you can sit quietly and recover your concentration. If it is not possible to leave the job, another alternative is to contract and relax the main muscle groups for 5 consecutive minutes, this simple and effective exercise will help you regain confidence.

4. Divide the work into different times. Most people who feel anxious at work continually look at their clock to see if they have the time to complete the task, and this obviously only adds more tension. Instead of panicking, calculate the time you have available and, if necessary, divide the activity into small tasks and assign them a set time. In this way, every time you finish a part of the project you will feel satisfied, you will feel that you can finish the whole activity and you can eliminate the anxiety.

5. Talk to someone. Simply speaking has a cathartic effect in itself. So, if you have a good friend in the office, don't hesitate to ask him for a few minutes of his time to tell him how you feel. You can also give your partner a quick call to tell them how you feel. Discussing our worries and emotions frees us, automatically lowers anxiety levels and allows us to take a more objective position.

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