5 International Spotify Playlists That Will Give You The Right Charge

5 International Spotify Playlists That Will Give You The Right Charge

Whether it's a Monday morning or a Wednesday night, there comes a time for all of us when we need some motivation to wrap up the long week.

But where can we find this "motivation"? We can look for it by reading a few motivational phrases on Instagram, or through good music, the one that loads you up immediately. Therefore, we have selected some Spotify playlists for you that will give you the motivation to make it to the end of the day.


With 80 curated songs, both recent and slightly older, this playlist spans from Dua Lipa to Kanye West to satisfy everyone's tastes. Listen to the playlist here.

Monday morning at the office

If this playlist doesn't excite you for the rest of the week, then I don't know what else will. From George Ezra to Bastille to Imagine Dragons, there's motivation for everyone. Click here to listen to the playlist.

Monday morning blues go away

This playlist is the best mix of genres and songs ever! From Pharallel Williams to Bruce Willis, this compilation contains over 260 tracks. What more can you ask? Click here to listen to the playlist

morning motivation

All we can say is: YES! More than 3 hours of pure motivation. Thanks to songs by The Weeknd, Zara Larson, Calvin Harris, and Ed Sheerhan, we can't sit still as we listen to this playlist. You can find it at this link (You can thank us later).

Motivational/Rap/Hip Hop/Pump-Up/Training

I think the title of this playlist is self explanatory. If he's looking for something to really energize him and get him ready for action, you've found what you're looking for. Twenty hours (yes, 20 HOURS) of the best motivational, rap and workout songs thanks to artists like JAY Z, Drake, Eminem and many others. Click here to listen to it!

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