How to understand what work to do in life: an infallible method

How to understand what work to do in life it is a question that, sooner or later, we are all forced to ask ourselves along the course of our existence.

We ask in high school, before choose the university faculty to enroll in, given that we would like to immediately undertake a clear and linear path towards professional fulfillment.

Then we ask ourselves when we are about to finish university, and we realize that the concepts learned are many, but the knowledge of the job market, and the clarity about our future are still far away.

We ask ourselves this when we are unemployed, and we have to decide in which directions to direct our research and our efforts.

Finally, unfortunately, we ask ourselves this very often even when we already have a job, but we are fully aware that that job is not for us, and that there must be something out there more suited to our abilities, our natural inclinations, and our ambition.

We get up early, we go to the office tired and not very motivated and we can't wait for 6 in the afternoon. Work always keeping an eye on that damn clock that flows very slowly can become a real nightmare, especially if for weeks, months and years we keep doing something we don't like.

How to understand what work to do in life: an infallible method

Understanding what job to do then in life it becomes something fundamental for our happiness, if we do not want to spend all our days between depression and the tiredness of an oppressive and boring job.

In this article I will explain to you how to understand what job to do thanks to an effective method that I also used with myself, and that helped me to get out of a limbo of indecision in which I had been trapped for too long.

Fortunately, today I go to the office with a smile on my face, and I get great professional satisfaction every day. This is what I wish for you too, and I hope that this article of mine can help you take the first step in this direction.

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How to understand what job to do: test

First I want to introduce you to a test to understand what job to do. This is not a definitive solution, which provides you with an infallible answer, but it is still a tool that you can combine with the method you will find in the next paragraph.

The Myers Briggs Test, which you can take for free at this link, aims to identify your personality type and consequently offer you a series of career ideas in line with your psychological profile.

I talk about it in more depth in this article. If you are interested in the topic, I invite you to read it!

How to understand what work to do: my 3-step method

But now let's get to the point, and let's see together the method I used to understand what work to do ...

I worked for a couple of years as a commercial in large companies in the banking and IT sector before stopping:

I can't take it anymore, another day like this and I'll go crazy!

That's pretty much what I said in my head and yelled in my parents' face when I decided to quit my job.

I was totally dissatisfied with my working days and consequently ... with my life!

Yes, because you will surely have noticed that when we have a bad day at work, or hate the work we do, 99% of the time we go home sad, angry and with zero desire to do something.

The only thing we want to do is vent our frustration and, almost always, to deal with our discontent are our family members or our partner ... with the consequence that relationships deteriorate, to the point of being consumed, of being destroyed.

How did I figure out which was the right path to take?

I used a rather simple method, divided into 3 steps. Read on and you will find out what it is ?

1. Identify your passions

The first step consists inidentify what your passions are.

Understanding what we like to do is a prerequisite for everything that comes next because it is practically impossible to endure for a long time something that we hate or that causes us boredom.

For example, I realized that I loved the web marketing.

How did I do it?

It wasn't complicated. Among other things I am also a musician and one of the most effective ways to promote my band's music is to use Facebook to make my songs known to potential audiences.

Starting to get familiar with Facebook advertising campaigns, I realized that it was a world that fascinated me a lot. So I started read books, consult blogs, attend courses and today my job is to help companies find customers on the web.

If you too are aware of what your passions and interests are, you can move on to the next step. If, on the other hand, you still have doubts about what to do in life e you want to find out how to find your passion, I invite you to read this article.

2. Check what job opportunities exist

Today we are really lucky: thanks to the internet and the global market, most of our passions, interests and hobbies are monetizable.

They told me, in the 90s, that if I became a video game phenomenon, today I would be rich, I probably would not have stopped even for a second to dedicate myself to this type of activity.

This is to tell you that even the most unthinkable activities, if carried out professionally, and if you are able through them to bring value to other people, can turn into our work.

In any case, to avoid unpleasant surprises, I recommend that you carry out a research and inform yourself well about the existence of other people who are earning in the same way you would like to earn, and about strategies they use to do it.

From here the paths you could take are many ...

How to understand what work to do in life: an infallible method

If your interests are identified in traditional sectors, the solution for you is to look for a position on Linkedin in line with your inclinations.

If, on the other hand, your passion is something more particular or creative, an excellent solution is that of go on your own, open a VAT number and start finding customers to serve. I suggest you to use Fiverr, which is a portal that has the function of connecting freelancers and buyers interested in the services offered on the platform.

Finally, you could opt for the opening of your blog, or your YouTube channel, with the aim of creating a community of people interested in the same topic that you are passionate about, and positioning yourself as a leader of that community.

3. Study and prepare for your dream job

The last step of the “How to understand what job to do” method is, without a doubt, the hardest part.

To succeed in get your dream job, you have to study and prepare. It will be very difficult, in fact, to find someone willing to pay you or to hire you for the job position you want, if you have no competence and ability in your subject, but only passion.

Companies need to find people who are able to translate the hours you spend at work into turnover and to be able to guarantee this to those who will hire you, the best way at your disposal is to study and put this into practice every day. that you learn.

Remember that studying without application is totally useless. And vice versa, practicing without studying will cause you to make many mistakes that you could avoid along the way.

Where to start studying?

The 2 best online platforms to train on are in my opinion: LifeLearning and Udemy. All three offer a wide selection of high-quality, low-priced video courses on virtually any industry that might interest you.

In the "training" section of my blog, you will also find specific reviews of the best courses on certain topics, such as:

  • The best courses to work with Facebook
  • The best SEO courses
  • The best courses to use Excel

These are fundamental skills, which you will be able to spend in almost any company where you will find yourself working.

If, on the other hand, you are tied to a standard type of training and prefer to start from books, instead of video courses, on Amazon you will find thousands of solutions for any type of sector. For example, I myself started my career as a freelance in digital marketing: reading one of the books.

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