5 bodyweight exercises to lose weight

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To lose weight and tone your whole body, you don't need to follow a grueling fitness program. In fact, some specific but very effective exercises may be enough. These exercises are performed a free body, without machinery, and can also be done at home.

So, we could define this mini-program as "zero cost". Perfect for all types of budgets and also adaptable to different routines. Exercises they must be performed in sequence, one after the other, being a circuit.

When to do them

This small circuit of slimming exercises can be followed at any time of the day, as long as you have it available 45 minutes of time. If you want to lose weight, and therefore activate your metabolism in the best possible way, the advice is to do the exercises at early morning and before breakfast.

An example of slimming routine: when you wake up you sip a glass of water and lemon and / or a fruit and vegetable extract. Then we train and, finally, we treat ourselves to a shower and breakfast (healthy and low-calorie). Certainly the alarm will be set a little earlier but it will be worth it and the energy will be a thousand. 


Before starting the exercises, it is always recommended to do some stretching. A few movements of heating and stretching. A moment should be reserved for stretching even at the end of the workout, to relax the muscles under stress.

- warm-up exercises allow you to avoid cramps and annoying muscle contractures. Especially if you train "cold", that is, when you wake up.

Browse the gallery to discover the most effective slimming exercises. 


One of the simplest and most effective bodyweight exercises to lose weight is the jump rope. Skipping rope for at least 20 minutes, activates the metabolism and warms all the muscles in the body. 

Even jumping rope requires a certain technique: theabdomen it must be kept contracted, the shoulders wide open (without making them rise towards the ears) and the breathing must be as fluid as possible. 

Plus, jumping rope gets better reflexes and coordination. An excellent exercise also to free the mind from tensions and a dynamic form of meditation. 

A tip: to jump rope, wear one colonna sonora dynamic and fun. The adrenaline, and the metabolism, will go to a thousand. 

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