21 new healthy habits we should all have

New habits: 21 healthy habits to live better.

21 new healthy habits we should all have

The natures of men are the same; it is their habits that separate them.


Habits are actions that, thanks to continuous repetition over time, we perform automatically without having to think consciously.

Therefore, it is clear that they can be a double weapon depending on how we use them.

In this article I have gathered 21 healthy habits which would be best considered to integrate them in our daily life.

Let's take a look at them.

The new healthy habits we should have

21 new healthy habits we should all have

# 1 The famous 10,000 steps. Perform regular physical activity is a recommendation we often hear: in this article I give you 15 good reasons. Experts recommend a minimum of 10,000 steps per day, although almost everyone now agrees that it would be better to settle for 15,000 steps per day. But how do you count your steps? Since we always have our smartphone with us, we might as well take advantage of it - in fact, your phone can track your steps quite accurately. If it comes in the evening and you are still far from your daily step quota, maybe you should take a nice relaxing evening walk.

# 2 Eat slowly. I've been trying to introduce this habit into my life for quite some time now, and not without difficulty. In fact, I am a voracious eater, probably thanks also to the education I received. In fact, as a child I didn't have time to finish what I had on my plate that I was obsessively urged to eat something else, without pausing and without considering if I was already full. Now I have control over my lifestyle if I don't eat at the right speed, it's my responsibility.

# 3 Add vegetables to your plate. Vegetables are undoubtedly at the center of a healthy and balanced lifestyle, which does not mean eliminating the rest or erasing from memory the dishes that gratify us, but always accompany our main dish with good seasonal vegetables to improve the caloric variety of our dishes. dish.

# 4 Go to bed 30 minutes earlier. I often recommend waking up earlier in the morning and everyone asks me what is the magic recipe to do it. My answer is always the same, we have to go to bed earlier, from here there is no escape. If the topic appeals to you, read the article on how to sleep well.

# 5 Digital Detox. I am an advocate of technology and the benefits that can be obtained in all fields in which it is applied. However, like everything else, we must be careful not to let ourselves be controlled by it. If you find yourself a bit obsessed with your smart phone or TV, consider a media diet.

# 6 Home Hygiene. From time to time I have visited dirty and poorly maintained homes. Aside from the aesthetic aspect, I have a hard time understanding how to live in a dirty house. Cleaning and keeping in order the place where you spend most of your time not only has hygienic advantages but also from the point of view of discipline and consistency.

# 7 Smile spontaneously. Contrary to what many fantagurus say, smiling should not be forced to seek an optimistic and cheerful emotional state. We only have to laugh out loud when we feel that the feeling arises within us, if it does not happen often, perhaps it is the case of selecting our friendships.

# 8 Write something by hand. In fact, we are losing the ability to write by hand. This kind of evolution is not bad if technological tools are more effective. The fact is, however, that handwriting still offers several advantages (here I talk a little) and, therefore, it is useful to keep this good habit by writing with pencil and paper from time to time.

# 9 Keep your mind in shape. We can establish this new habit every day by doing small calculations in mind, for example in the supermarket, or by voluntarily stimulating our mind: in this article I explain how to do it.

# 10 Open a damn book. It would have been impossible not to find reading in this list of new habits. We don't know what the future holds, but in the current state of things, reading constantly is one of the best habits we can establish.

# 11 Doing fun exercises. As we saw in the first point, physical activity is always present when it comes to psychophysical health. But what if we don't like running or playing basketball, for example? Finding a stimulating activity is the only way to do it, perhaps by going to a sports center to try the activities present until we find the right one for us.

# 12 Brush your teeth. There is not much to say in this case. You'll probably thank yourself for brushing your teeth in the future. Find the other things you'll be thankful for as a senior in this article.

# 13 Take off your shoes before entering the house. Ever since I was a little girl, I've always had the excellent habit of taking off my shoes before entering the house. Although none of my family members did it, it always seemed wise to me not to bring into the house the dirt that shoes have accumulated in the outside world.

# 14 Stop eating when we are full. Food professionals tell us that grandma's advice to get up from the table just before you are full is a very effective strategy for staying healthy. In this case we connect with point # 2, in fact if we eat slowly we can realize more accurately that our stomach is getting full and we do not waste food. In the article dedicated to how to lose weight I reported many other useful tricks.

# 15 Reduce salt and added sugar. Sugar is a "food" (in quotation marks because some scientists do not even classify it as a food, read this article for more information) naturally present in nature. The real danger, however, is represented by the refined sugar that is added in foods and beverages, particularly in carbonated beverages and fruit juices: it is better to get used to consume drinks without added sugar.

# 16 meditate. Today research on the benefits of meditation are so numerous that it is no longer possible to deny its effectiveness for concentration, discipline and many other qualities. If you don't know where to start, you can begin by reading this excellent meditation manual or start attending a dedicated course.

# 17 Keep a small bottle of water handy. Water, along with air, is the most important source for our survival and, according to studies in this field, we do not drink enough. It seems paradoxical because no one forgets to breathe, but we don't seem to hydrate our bodies enough. That is why it is useful to have a bottle of water at your desk to drink even when we are not very thirsty.

# 18 Stop photographing anything. In recent years we have been taking more pictures than we really need to and we are getting used to looking at the world through a screen instead of directly with our eyes. Let's stop taking random pictures and focus more on the here and now.

# 19 Losing. When I told you about erasing idioms, I explained how learning to lose and fail is vital (I didn't say important but vital) to be able to express 100% of your abilities: if you want to know more, just read the article.

# 20 Being outdoors. Being cooped up in an office, in a car or in buildings in general is not good for our lungs, besides the outside world is also useful to stimulate creativity and good mood.

# 21 keep quiet. We are surrounded by people who babble just to ventilate the tonsils and if we also have the habit of talking too much, we may regret what we say and lose our ability to truly listen. Talking less and more reasonably is a great new habit to keep in mind.

The new habits of life

21 new healthy habits we should all have

This was at 21 p.m. new and more impactful habits that can make us happier in both the long and short term.

Obviously if we lack many of these habits we have to integrate them little by little until they are fully and automatically established.

Installing new healthy habits is very important for personal growth because it gives us the possibility to improve ourselves automatically without having to think about it.

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