How to quit smoking in 7 small steps

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How to quit smoking?

In this article, you will discover a step by step method to say goodbye to cigarettes for good.

Quitting smoking is easy. I've done it hundreds of times.

Mark Twain

Stop smoking it's a brave choice and if you've found this article, it means you've made a decision to do so, or at least you're asking yourself some questions, so if you want to find out how to quit smoking, just keep reading.

You may have decided to quit smoking many times in your life, especially when good resolutions are made in September or early in the year, even if often in vain.

If you have decided that it is time to lose this bad habit, proceed with the reading, but I warn you: this article is very long and you will have to reflect and then put into practice every point to be able to quit smoking once and for all.

If you try to ask someone why they smoke, most of the time you will hear something like: "I smoke because I like it!": A fairly trivial answer, it is obvious that people tend to do what they like and push away what they don't. they like.

Precisely for this reason quit smoking it's not that easy, because you like it and you don't realize the damage it does immediately, and so you tend to leave the problem to itself in the future.

Nicotine is physically addictive, so you may not like smoking that much, but you are simply addicted to it without being too addicted. aware.

Why quit smoking? Advantages and Benefits

Start taking a look at the damage smoking does to your precious body:

  • Respiratory damage and irritation
  • Reduction of immune defenses
  • Increased incidence of respiratory tract infections
  • Premature aging of the lungs
  • Asthma and acute bronchitis
  • Impotence in man
  • Skin aging
  • Cancer and high risk of heart attack and stroke

These are just a few problems of smokers and already this list should make you think and seriously lead you to quit smoking, you will feel the benefits over time, from a period between 30 minutes and 10 years:

  • Your lungs will begin to clear and you will breathe better
  • You will begin to recover taste and smell
  • blood circulation will improve
  • The cough will subside
  • The risk of lung cancer will be halved
  • You will have saved a lot of money
  • Physical activity will cost you less effort and you will be more relaxed
  • No stink of smoke on you and you will have a better smile

How to quit smoking in 7 step by step

There is no real technique to quit smoking, however there are some mental tricks that make a difference, and above all you will have to appeal to your willpower.

Here's what you can actually do in 7 steps for quit smoking.

# 1 How to quit smoking with inner discussion

If you are reading this article I guess you are asking yourself some questions, probably the right ones.

This is the first step: become aware of the damage that smoking does to your body, visualize the benefits that you and the people around you will derive from it, you must enter the order of ideas that if you decide to quit smoking you have to go all the way.

Talk about this decision with as many people as possible so you get one from them positive pressure due to the public commitment you have made, if you want you can write your commitment to quit smoking in the comments, so as to expose your choice socially.

An excellent method to quit smoking is to talk about it in depth with your closest and dearest person.

Analyze your past with this person, talk about why you started smoking and when it happened.

Argue the question in depth: what prompted you to put that on first cigarette in your mouth, how old were you, why do you still do it and what are the benefits, if any, of continuing to smoke.

Thoroughly dissect the subject, do not leave any quibbles open.

# 2 Find strong motivation to quit smoking

Make this decision and start, not in 10 minutes, not in an hour, not tomorrow, but now: do not cause further harm to your body, you can gratify yourself in other ways, you just have to find the one that's right for you.

Your motivation to quit smoking will be the fuel with which to proceed in this choice, think of all your whys and put them in writing, compile a list like this:

  • I want to quit smoking because I am severely damaging my body
  • I want to quit smoking because I don't want to harm people close to me
  • I want to quit smoking because I want to get back in shape
  • I want to quit smoking because I want a bright smile
  • I want to quit smoking because I have decided to invest in my health

The list still has to go on, write at least 10 reasons so it is really worth quitting. These must be your reasons and not those of others, you must establish why you want to quit smoking.

# 3 Set yourself a realistic date to quit

Get a calendar and plan how to quit smoking, following a precise strategy: start by removing a few cigarettes a day, if you smoke a lot, remove 3-4 otherwise even just one.

Write down your plan and stick to the deadlines you've set yourself.

Reduce the number of cigarettes you smoke each month. Establish one real and optimal date, an unrealistic deadline will produce a failure that will further lower your ability to quit smoking, pay attention to this parameter.

Don't think about how to quit smoking in its entirety, but focus on reducing it, you will quit smoking one cigarette at a time.

Absolutely do not overstep your plan, if you give up even once, the boundary of your choice will loosen and it will be much easier to fall back on it again.

Avoid getting caught in the trap of saying "I only smoke one", it is a dangerous process, absolutely avoid it.

To overcome this problem, do not consider a cigarette individually, but imagine it as part of a harmful system to be eliminated.

# 4 Persevere on your way

Follow the plan you have chosen and slowly reduce the cigarettes you smoke, get your body used to it to quit smoking by giving him less and less nicotine.

Visualize your goal on a daily basis and keep yourself motivated by re-reading all the whys that prompted you to make this decision and the benefits you perceive as you go along this path.

Listen to your body, whenever you feel the need to smoke take back control, feel this need, embrace it and don't try to push it away.

Ask the people closest to you to help support your choice.

Mantieni it domain of your decision to quit smoking and be gratified by pampering yourself, perhaps with some tasty food.

If you really can't resist, do 50 push-ups.

# 5 How to quit smoking by changing your perspective

The fifth step is fundamental: begin to see your choice in a new light, reducing the quantity of cigarettes should not be a deprivation, but on the contrary an achievement.

You must be proud of every cigarette you haven't smoked.

Stop smoking it was a difficult choice, but you are still following this path, surely you are stronger than others.

Even in this phase, expose yourself and stop smoking publicly, accept with pleasure the compliments of the people who matter to you and welcome them in a positive way.

Even the words of those who still smoke should be evaluated with the right perspective.

Do not be discouraged by their decision to continue smoking, on the contrary, expose your choice to quit positively, with courage, talk to them about your decision, try to make them change their perspective yours will change too.

Dismantle your current wrong mindset: quitting smoking will make you feel better, let go of your beliefs about the habit and what will happen to you if you quit.

Create new patterns by quitting smoking you're not giving up on anythingindeed, you only have to gain.

Enjoy the sense of achievement that comes from breaking free from this vice.

# 6 Quit smoking by calculating

At the end of each week add up the total number of cigarettes you have not smoked and rewarded, do the math and record all the money you would have spent to buy them and then use it to reward yourself as you prefer, you can take a trip out of town or save for the future that you never know.

If you used to smoke a lot, with each reduction you will earn more and more, your treasure will plump up with each non-smoked cigarette and after a year you can really pay for a vacation.

If you want, you can calculate in advance the income you will get by quitting smoking so that you can put it on your list of your whys.

With this practical system you can convert your choice to quit smoking into money so that you have a tangible return of what you are getting.

If this motivation is not enough for you because you prefer to smoke all year round rather than take an extra trip, you must try to focus on the opposite way: by continuing to smoke what are you getting?

# 7 Renew your habits

If you feel like smoking, do something else, find new habits that gratify you, start playing a sport or find a hobby that you are excited about, smoking doesn't even have to be part of your options anymore, you can use your time in more profitable way.

When I was a boy I had a friend who was convinced that when he grew up he would become a heavy smoker, according to him all his relatives were serial smokers and he felt condemned to do the same thing.

After a few years he tried it too and realized that he did not like it at all and that he would not start smoking.

I write this story to emphasize the fact that quitting smoking is your choice, don't be fooled by the world around you, don't care about the circumstances, it all depends on you.

Do you want to quit smoking? So do it without telling yourself that you can't or that you will never make it, you are the only one to choose your habits, therefore choose good ones.

If you think you will benefit from the cigarette, such as relaxation and calm, you can simply go to the source meditating.

Smoking cessation books and apps

A paper or electronic medium for quit smoking it could prove to be essential to carry out your choice.

The combination of a good book to keep yourself motivated and a handy App to always carry with you, become essential to be able to lose this bad habit.

  • Recommended book - It's easy to quit smoking if you know how to do it
  • QuitNow - Quit Smoking for Android
  • Kwit - Quit Smoking Forever for iPhone

How to quit smoking and the 17 day challenge

If someone has ever asked you why you are smoking, it will have occurred to you that you simply like it, that you have no addiction but that you can. quit smoking when you want.

If you have given such an answer, I invite you to try the 17 day challenge to actually understand if you are truly in control of what you do or if you have become the slave to a vice.

For the next 17 days try a quit smoking, completely eliminate cigarettes from your space; If smoking is truly your conscious decision, you should have no problem quitting smoking for just 17 days.

If you do not succeed, perhaps you have a need that does not depend on you and becoming aware of it is the first step to improve.

Let us know how the 17 day challenge went by writing in the comments if you managed to quit smoking.

Ultimately how do i quit smoking?

Choosing to quit smoking is not easy, there are numerous techniques, from those that promise to help you thanks to the latest quantum secret of the brain, to techniques that can prove to be really effective.

With the seven steps to quit smoking I have proposed to you a path.

I know very well that for some it is more functional to stop smoking suddenly by abandoning this habit out of the blue, in this case the book that I recommended in the resources to quit smoking could be for you.

The information contained in this article is for informational purposes only and is not intended in any way to replace the advice of healthcare professionals. Consult your physician before starting any exercise or nutritional supplementation program.

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