Healthy habits according to science

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Healthy habits according to science

Taking three fundamental aspects as a reference, it is possible to outline some healthy habits 

Last update: 14 September, 2019

The scientific studies carried out over time have made it possible to identify a great variety of healthy habits. These are behaviors that with repetition improve our well-being and build the basis of our growth.

The healthy habits we are talking about can be found on three levels: healthy eating, constant exercise and healthy social relationships.

Taking these three groups as a reference, it is possible to outline some healthy habits, defined as such by science.

3 healthy habits according to science

1. Power supply

One of the pillars of a healthy lifestyle is to adopt some good eating habits. One of these is based on the proportions of the dishes we prepare. When we come up with a menu, we need to make sure we know the amount of calories we need. One trick is to take our fist as a unit of measurement, the portions should not exceed the size.

On the other hand, the Mediterranean diet, vague as it may seem, is one of the healthiest eating plans out there. Eat five times a day distributing the right quantities and base dishes on ingredients such as quality vegetables and olive oil will help you follow a healthier diet.

A third advice related to nutrition is do not buy food when we are hungry. In this way we will avoid falling into the temptation to buy unhealthy food only on a whim, also saving in terms of money.

Finally, avoiding carbonated drinks, whether they are light, zero or diet, is an excellent dietary habit. These products are directly related to obesity, as high sugar contents are enemies of a balanced diet.

2. The importance of physical exercise

Adopting the healthy habit of exercising every day is essential for a healthy lifestyle. It is one of the most recommendable health habits due to the effects it has on the body:

  • It reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, diabetes and obesity.
  • It keeps joints, tendons and ligaments flexible, helping us move more easily and reducing the likelihood of injury.
  • Reduces the effects of aging.
  • Promotes mental well-being by preventing depression.
  • Lower your stress and anxiety levels.
  • Increase energy and physical stamina.
  • Improve sleep quality.
  • It speeds up the metabolism, allowing us to maintain an ideal weight over the long term.

Anyone can benefit from some regular physical activity, at all ages. Obviously you have to take into account your limits and, if in doubt, consult a specialist who recommends the best exercises for their physical characteristics and their goals.

3. Social relations

We are social beings, and a fundamental aspect of our life is relating to others. To enjoy healthy social relationships, you need to choose people carefully.

A socially healthy life involves choosing friendships that allow us to evolve on a personal level. A good practice can be to look for friends in environments where we feel comfortable, such as in the place where an activity we like is carried out. This will allow us to meet people with whom we share interests, learning from them and developing our hobbies.

A common bond will be helpful in establishing a better friendship relationship. On the other hand, It is also important to have people who support us on an emotional level. A friend must be able to help us in times of need, in order to avoid running into unhealthy relationships or codependency.

Work relationships are also important for a healthy social life. Have a good relationship with our colleagues it will improve the work environment and help us feel more accomplished and valued professionally. This, in turn, will give us more chances of achieving success and promotion, increasing our self-esteem. Social relationships are therefore a pillar at the base of any healthy habit. Building deep, healthy friendships will help us build trust in us.

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