How to be successful in life: 3 key factors

As be successful in life: 3 principles to be astonishingly successful.

How to be successful in life: 3 key factors

Failures fall into two categories: those who acted without thinking and those who thought without acting.

John Charles Salak

Success, past participle of the verb to happen, it is the ability to make things happen and to achieve what you want.

Generally when we talk about success we imagine people immersed in unbridled luxury who do not work and enjoy greater freedom, given mainly by money.

This vision, which for some is heavenly, is just one of them possible definitions of success.

For many, success is quite another thing that often does not include 30-meter boats, unnecessarily expensive clothes and famous people.

Whatever your definition of success, there are almost universal tricks that can help you in yours personal fulfillment.

We will see then how to be successful in life with 3 practical strategies: but first let's see 2 preliminary steps.

How to be successful in life: 2 preliminary steps

How to be successful in life: 3 key factors

Step # 1 Self-confidence

The first step to be successful in your life is to enjoy good self-esteem, or to have confidence in your abilities, obviously with knowledge of the facts.

I'm not telling you to suddenly get cocky and full of yourself, much less a big balloon.

To be successful in life you need to have self-confidence and in one's skills, without this resource, achieving personal success becomes much more complicated.

If before starting to understand how to be successful in life you want to work on your self-esteem, read this article where you will find everything you need.

Do you think you have the right confidence in yourself? Let's move on to the second prerequisite.

Step # 2 Awareness of the results

The second step is to have only one awareness, absorbed and ascertained: you can be the architect of your destiny and your life.

There are of course external factors that we cannot control, but we have a lot more power than we think.

We frequently hear the assumption that we are masters of our own destiny, but deep down, it sometimes happens that we don't really believe it.

Instead, we think that whatever we do in the end there is destiny, chance or external factors beyond our control.

If you want to achieve success, whatever its definition for you, you need to be aware that the hard work, sensible and focused, with the right amount of resilience it can produce the results you want.

It is not enough to repeat it or believe it, you have to know it, absorb it, see it with your own eyes by trying.

If you are not faint of heart I recommend that you read this article very carefully.

Let's now move on to the crucial point: how to be successful in life.

How to be successful in life

# 1 The 4 A's to be successful in life

Le quattro A are the basis of the success of many people, they have never made a mystery of it.

The four A's are:

  1. Abitudins. I have written very often how habits are the key to one's success, in particular I recommend the article dedicated to how to be a winner. Habits represent a small effort that can produce great results in the long run. For example, reading for only half an hour a day means accumulating over 180 hours of in-depth study on the topics that interest you in a year.
  2. Aflies. Friendships, however unpleasant it may sound, influence and condition us. Those who manage to achieve success have over time performed a natural skimming of their knowledge, increasingly aggregating with people who proceed in the same path and abandoning complaining and inconclusive people.
  3. Ation. Are you basically a person who speaks or who acts? Those on the road to success don't spend time telling the strategies they want to use, they just apply them.
  4. Aattitude. The spirit of those who succeed in life is simple: they learn from the mistakes of the past, act in the present and build for the future. Being successful also means being passionate about your own growth and improvement.

# 2 The wastes of success

People who achieve success in most cases have made many mistakes, even big ones and sometimes irreparable ones.

But what has always kept them afloat was not to commit a lot of small wastes that we do every day.

Watching or not looking at the Facebook profile instead of working, reading 30 minutes a day rather than nothing, getting up 20 minutes earlier instead of napping or not eating that sweet that will gratify us for less than 30 seconds.

It's all these little wastes of 2, 3, 5 minutes that they cost us the biggest price.

There and then we do not think about it and it seems to us that small deviations of this kind will not affect our success.

But the truth is that adding up all those minutes we could have done many more miles towards success and not towards failure.

From now on, whenever you are tempted to let go and abandon your plan that can lead you to success, think to yourself in 2 minutes and ask yourself: Was it worth it?

# 3 How to be successful in life by finding your way

We read very often on the internet and in books or hear at conferences that successful people do all sorts of things that may sound difficult for some.

What they don't say is that different people, who we can consider successful, do certain things, but there are countless differences.

The truth is, habits of success can vary enormously based on your conception of happiness and your goals.

If for you success is simply living peaceful days with your family, you will need completely different strategies from those who aim to change jobs.

Of course I realize that it is much easier to emulate, mimic and mimic other people to follow in their footsteps.

However, if you want to achieve your own success and not that of others you need to find your way.

Now try to give your definition of success and determine what you need to do to achieve it.

How to be successful in life: final thoughts

How to be successful in life: 3 key factors

The way to success is a way of renunciations.

Not because one has to sacrifice or sacrifice oneself to a greater cause, but because our time is limited.

If we dedicate ourselves to one thing we are inevitably giving up on something else: this is the true secret of success.

Give up activities that we deem useless for the achievement of our goals and devote ourselves completely to the project that will lead us to success.

That is, giving up ephemeral activities to follow a path that I realize is not for everyone.

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