12 New Year Resolutions

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A list of New Year's resolutions and the most effective strategies to make them happen.

"The madness is to keep doing the same things and to expect different results."

A. Einstein.

After talking about the 20 regrets you'll have in 20 years, today I thought I'd prepare for you a list of 12 good intentions, one for each month of the new year. For each of these good intentions you will also find a brief description and an in-depth article with the best strategies to make them concretely in your life.

I hope that this list is for you like Virgil with Dante, in short, a guide that will accompany you for the next 365 days and help you make the new year ... theyear of the turning point.

12 habits to change the new year

  1. January - Stop procrastinating. GetPersonalGrowth, I'll tell you with my heart: you broke my balls with this procrastination! Yes, I admit, maybe I'm a little obsessed with procrastination, but I have my good reasons: defeating my innate tendency to imagine 1.000 projects, without ever realizing half of them was the turning point in my life. The moment you realize that your time is limited and that it is your responsibility to invest it in the most effective way, you finally begin to make sense of your life. Whatever you wish to accomplish, January is the best time to stop putting off. Recommended article: "Procrastination: 7 ways to quit".

"I know today you are not living your dreams is why yesterday you have decided to postpone a future. "


  1. February - Waking up early in the morning. It is useless to make fun of ourselves: we are not made with a stencil. There are those who give their best in the morning and there are those who fuel only after lunch. Yet, waking up early in the morning gives a different rhythm to the whole day: this simple gesture (I said "simple", not "easy") allows us to obtain a small victory from the early hours of the morning, a small victory that spurs us on. to give the best of us in the rest of the day. I'm not asking you to take my word for it. In the month of February try to wake up around 6:00 in the morning, then tell me how it went, what you managed to achieve, what your feelings were. It's only about 28 days - you can do it. Recommended article: "Waking up early in the morning: Silvia's secret".
  2. March - Train at least 3 times a week. Do you want to achieve your goals but feel constantly tired and lacking in energy? It is generally due to two factors and one of them is the fact that you are constantly sitting on a sofa or chair. That's right: you are too sedentary. To regain your energy you need to put energy into it: go back to training consistently. It doesn't matter what kind of sport you intend to practice: move your butt! Recommended article: "An effective training program".
  3. April - Healthy eating 6 days a week. The second cause of your sluggishness could be your food diet: we are what we eat and if we eat crap, we feel crap. In your opinion, is it a coincidence that the peak of the flu comes close to the Christmas binges? If you want to invest in your health and reach new energy levels, review your diet. I have my ideas and beliefs about it, but not being a specialist, I don't lose my balance: study, deepen and create your food culture. Recommended article: "How to find your ideal weight".
  4. May - Read 52 books a year. Properly feeding our body is not enough: it is also important to feed our mind. Reading is the best way to do this. It doesn't matter that you read one book a week (52 books a year), but for the new year try to challenge yourself: read more, read better books, read.
  5. June - Keep a personal journal. June, the middle month: it's time to pull the strings of the new year. The best way to do it? Start keeping a personal diary in which to record your reflections every day, what went well and what went wrong in the past 24 hours, your goals for the next day and… whatever else we can think of. Writing helps us to put our thoughts in order. Recommended article: "Why you should keep a personal journal".
  6. July - Be grateful every day for at least 3 things. There is one thing I love to write in my personal diary in the evening: 3 things I was grateful for in the past day. Doing so helps me to make sense of my days as well. Finding those 3 things to be grateful for is not always easy, but it is this research among my memories that helps me to put the day just passed in the right perspective. Trial. Recommended article: "Gratitude: how to find happiness in less than 2 minutes".
  7. August - Make your bed every morning. Generally we arrive in August, time for holidays, like zombies. We would like to think about everything except making the bed! Yet, holidays are also used to put our thoughts in order and the best way to bring order within us is to bring order to the environment in which we live. Making the bed is a very simple gesture, but with unexpected implications. Recommended article: "How to put your life in order".
  8. September - Save € 1.378. Many believe that making money has to do with greed and a thirst for success. Maybe (in part). I personally believe that making money has to do with… freedom. Freedom to decide what to dedicate to, freedom to decide where to live and with whom, freedom not to have to answer to anyone. But if you want to earn this freedom, you must first learn how to manage your money, that is, you must learn to save. Starting in September, I offer you the challenge of 52 weeks of savings. Save € 1 in the first week, € 2 in the second, € 3 in the third and so on until you get, 12 months later, with a nest egg of € 1.378. Of course, if you wish, you can make the challenge more difficult by increasing the weekly savings quota.


  1. October - Complete 12 tomatoes per day. No, this good New Year's resolution has nothing to do with your garden, but on the contrary, it has a lot to do with your personal productivity. If you have the impression of throwing the vast majority of your days in the toilet, for the month of October I propose you to establish this new habit. Every day, commit to studying / working without distraction for 12 sessions of 25 minutes, giving yourself a 5-minute break each time. Recommended article: "Time management: 3 techniques you should try".
  2. November - Practice a strict media diet. Speaking of distractions, how much time do you spend watching TV or browsing social networks and news sites? Too?! The time has come to follow a strict media diet. Recommended article: "Media diet".
  3. December - Meditate 15 minutes every day. For many years I had serious prejudices about meditation: I had always considered it a new-age practice for siroccas. Then, deepening the mindfulness practice, I discovered its countless benefits and today meditation is an integral part of my days. I don't know what your opinions are about it, but my advice is to try this millennial practice; you too might be pleasantly surprised. Recommended article: "How to meditate: my practical experience".

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