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    8 things successful people don't do (but you do)

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    Let's see 8 things that successful people do DON'T do.

    Success is not something you chase. It's something to work hard for all the time and maybe it comes just when you don't expect it.

    Michael Jordan

    La definition of success it is certainly subjective and can be very different for each of us, however we can identify some habits and mental attitudes that distinguish realized people from those who do not feel such.

    If you don't feel fulfilled, but rather, far from yours personal success try to eliminate one or more of these attitudes that successful people don't have.

    As you will see, these are generic guidelines that are well suited to any type of situation.

    8 things successful people don't do

    # 1 They don't reason by following everything right away

    One of the first things successful people don't do, or have stopped doing, is to reason in everything at once, maybe we don't realize it but often, a bit like children, we immediately want a result that needs time to be achieved.

    Successful people have understood that demanding everything right away is not a good strategy to follow, but on the contrary, it can often be counterproductive.

    # 2 They don't shift their responsibilities onto others

    Offloading one's responsibilities onto others is one of the first real causes of failure.

    If you blame your mistakes on others, not only will you not learn from your mistakes (because you won't blame them on yourself) but it will be harder to change your behavior for the better.

    The only way to improve your state is to take responsibility, acknowledge your mistakes and act accordingly.

    # 3 They don't wait for the perfect time to take action

    The perfect moment exists relatively, but it is found more than anything else in our head, if we think the moment is perfect then it will be.

    On the contrary, if it seems to us that the situation is not favorable we will tend to focus on the things that actually do not lend themselves to what we have to do.

    The take-home lesson then is that opportunities must be created, the perfect moment does not have to be an excuse to continue procrastinating, if it actually occurs you will be at an advantage, otherwise act anyway, along the way you will adjust the game.

    # 4 They don't waste time feeling sorry for themselves

    Wasting time feeling sorry for yourself has ever done anything? Let me tell you: pitying is useless, successful people know this very well.

    Keep telling yourself that things will get better or that you have been unlucky is a colossal waste of time.

    I will never tire of writing it, you have to act, action is the only factor that can change the facts and the reality that surrounds us, whining, simply no.

    # 5 They don't waste time on what they can't control

    Politics, economics, global circumstances, events which are within your sphere but which you cannot directly or indirectly control they suck your precious energy that you could devote to other activities and that could make you live better.

    Successful people don't waste time trying to control events over which they have no decision-making power, rather it's better to get a good sleep or focus on problems that you can actually act on.

    # 6 They don't forget how much they have learned

    People who have achieved personal success do not forget to continue to train and learn, especially they do treasure of their mistakes, an old adage goes:

    Look at the mistakes of others and correct yours.

    Japanese proverb

    Every mistake is a very important lesson from which to draw a lesson and why not also inspiration, also remember to learn practical skills and functional that you can use in your life, these are the qualities that will be most useful to you during the trip.

    #7 Non procrastinano

    La procrastination it is a plague that severely limits your ability to achieve dreams and goals.

    If you are a serial procrastinator you will have noticed how to put off continuously with very valid reasons, you take away precious energy and give you a sense of discouragement and dissatisfaction.

    Successful people have stopped procrastinating, maybe not completely, but they don't base their lives on this strategy, so stop postponing your life until tomorrow and start working for your personal success now.

    # 8 They don't give up after failing

    Failure is an integral part of success, much more successful people fail than ordinary people, precisely because they have understood this lesson, making mistakes you learn and improve.

    I have already told you about the importance of making mistakes in the article keep making mistakes.

    To recap

    1. Learn to think over the medium to long term as well
    2. Take your responsibilities
    3. The perfect time is when you want it to be
    4. Feeling sorry is a waste of time you could use to take action
    5. Focus your energies on what you can control
    6. Learn from your mistakes
    7. Failure is integral to success
    8. Don't give up so easily

    These are 8 things successful people don't do, how many do you do?

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