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Living better, changing your life, enjoying every moment to the fullest is our decision. If you don't know where to start, this article can suggest 15 practical ideas to get you started.


"Enjoy your life, you'll have plenty of time to be dead."


Improving our life, living better, always comes from one our decision. But we often don't know what decision we have to make.

I'm afraid there is no simple answer to this question, but I'm pretty confident that there are at least 15 ways to live better ...

1. Establish a new habit

During our days we carry out dozens of "automatic" activities: these are our habits. Habits are powerful tools - creating good habits and replacing bad ones can help you radically transform your life and live better.

2. Develop your self-discipline

In our society, discipline and self-discipline have taken on a negative meaning. We are led to associate with self-discipline negative feelings such as effort, fatigue, renunciation, etc. In reality, developing one's self-discipline means getting rid of one's weaknesses and actively molding one's reality.

3. Wake up early

If someone asked me what habit to start with to give your life a boost of energy, I would certainly answer: wake up early. This simple action holds enormous potential. Becoming an early riser means starting your days with a small success, it means freeing up time for our passions, but above all it means giving a different rhythm to our days.

4. Choose a mantra

A mantra is a motivating phrase that we repeat to ourselves. A mantra by itself will not allow you to achieve your goals, but it will help you focus on what you want to achieve in your life and divert attention from what you want to avoid. In the morning as soon as you wake up or in moments of despair, try to repeat your mantra.

5. Take a risk

Do you know what's dumber than taking an unnecessary risk? Delusion that certainties exist. Taking calculated risks allows us to get out of the fences we build around us and makes us understand that sometimes the search for safety is our greatest danger. Take a risk - it's always better to regret the consequences rather than a missed opportunity.

6. Face a fear

I am a huge fan of fears. The fears are there to tell us exactly what we need to face to find happiness. But fears are a tool to be managed with caution: if we give them too much space, they take over our life, immobilizing us; on the contrary, if we face them they prove to be valid allies in our path of realization.

7. Learn a new language

Dear GetPersonalGrowth, now you really have to explain to me how learning a new language can make me live better !? I give you at least 3 reasons: learning a new language allows you a) to train your mind b) to establish new relationships (read: pick up foreigners in the summer ;-) c) to take advantage of new opportunities outside your "backyard" ". To get started, you can try this unconventional method of learning English.

8. Run

Running is an action that is as natural as it is effective for our body and mind. You don't need sophisticated equipment or expensive courses to run - just put on your running shoes and go out for a run. The benefits you will get are innumerable: in addition to a newfound physical well-being, running constantly will guarantee you an improvement in mood and greater reactivity and mental clarity.

9. Try something new

Taking refuge in our habits gives us a pleasant feeling of security… but as an always motionless muscle atrophies, so our mind, without new stimuli, slowly shuts down. Try something new today: take on a new challenge, eat something different, read an article on a topic you've never been interested in (I'm told this archive isn't bad ;-)

10. Tidy up your home

Often the disorder of the environments in which we live reflects and influences our mood. Try this 21-day journey to change your life by rearranging the spaces you live in.

11. Learn to manage your time

There are a couple of things that we cannot buy, but only manage in the best possible way: among these there is certainly time. Time management is an art. Learn this art to live better, to fully experience every moment.

13. Accept that you are not perfect

Making mistakes, failing, happens to anyone and is often the first necessary step to achieve success. Stop focusing on the little imperfections that make you human - try to be better, not perfect.

14. Write a journal

I love to write. I have always thought that writing has the power to give physicality to our thoughts. A written dream is more powerful than an imagined dream and, like water that becomes ice, it is capable of breaking what binds it. For this reason, keeping a daily journal of our thoughts can be such a powerful habit.

15. Taste

What was the last time you tasted it? Savoring a meal, savoring a moment, savoring a landscape, savoring a reading, savoring a conversation? We try to fill every moment of our life, to do everything faster, to increase our productivity, but what's the point? Why keep eating if we can't even taste it?

And you? Have you tasted this article? Sure? Then you will surely have noticed that there are only 14 points… right? ;-)

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