Waiting for a better future

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“A father and his son were so hungry
who decided to go fishing with their little boat. The father helped his
son with the reel and he caught his first fish.
"Excellent fishing, my son," said the
- Yes, but it worries me that maybe me
I let the best fish escape - replied the son. - What if I could capture
a bigger and tastier fish?
- Maybe you should try - replied the
So the son went to work and
caught an even bigger fish.
"A real beauty," said the father.
- But maybe there are fish out there
even bigger.
- Maybe you should try again -
the father answered once more.
The son was animated once again and
he caught another even larger fish, and so, he continued throughout the day
anxious to catch ever bigger and tastier fish.
At the end of the day the son was
exhausted and hadn't eaten a bite yet so his father asks him:
- Did you like the fish?
- To be honest. I was so busy at
catch a bigger and bigger fish that I didn't have a second to try. "
How many
Have we ever acted like the son of this story? Unfortunately
very often we wait to enjoy the well deserved victory until we do
we achieve even more important and more satisfying results. Then let's settle
still new goals and new goals that require an even greater dose of
effort and that will keep us busy enough not to be able to appreciate
small results and much less to enjoy the path taken. Wait for
always a better future is absolutely not the best way to experience the
here I'm. Exists
always a sad truth that sooner or later we will have to face: even if the
our life was twice as long as the average, we will not be able to see all
cities of the world, read all the books and achieve all the goals there
we propose. Our life and our abilities are limited, so that instead
worrying about what we're missing would be much smarter
focus on what we are experiencing. This
it does not mean that we will not have to propose new and increasingly stimulating goals
allow us to grow as people, but rather that we will have to learn to
enjoy the journey so far and appreciate the things we have at our disposal
available at this time. A difficult but not impossible task.
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