Vitamin D and other vitamins for spring

Vitamin D and other vitamins for spring

Sweet and bitter spring

If you arrive at the weekend, or even earlier, at the end of the day exhausted and overwhelmed by physical exhaustion, if your thoughts swirl in the head without finding a foothold, if you forget things and refuse to get up from the couch even just to answer the phone, then maybe you are suffering the counterattack of spring. 

Between jump in temperature, days that are getting longer and work that is looming, this is one of those seasons in which you feel the need to give yourself a carica, to chase away sleepiness, headaches and lack of concentration. 

Between nutrition, supplements and natural products, here are the ones vitamins that crack down on the body and to the psyche. 


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The right vitamins for spring

A study conducted by the British University of Northumbria, performed on a sample of adults, found that an adequate vitamin intake, together with the right dose of minerals and trace elements - calcium, magnesium and zinc in particular - is able to improve and recover the physical and mental energies of the organism, help the metabolism in its functioning and keeps stress and fatigue at bay. 

We can therefore highlight how important it is, first of all through nutrition, to implement a vitamin and supplementary self-help plan with the arrival of spring.

Yes, because, with the change of season, not only are clothes changed, but vitamins are also changed!

In addition to the advice of buy seasonal fruit and vegetables at km 0 and to consume them as raw, fresh and colorful as possible, alternating the dish with the glass full of exquisite natural centrifuged, here are generally the vitamins to keep under control:

> Vitamin A, carrots and vegetables and fruits of yellow and orange color. It is also found in fish and eggs, it helps fight the action of free radicals, keeping skin and eyesight healthy. 

> B vitamins, therefore, green light for legumes, wheat germ and yeast to supplement, whole grains and nuts, eggs, milk, as regards the non-carnivorous part. Otherwise one has to turn to pork and beef. This improves the metabolism and gives tone to the muscles and nervous system. 

> Vitamin C: , you can find it in citrus fruits, kiwis, strawberries, tomatoes and red peppers. Integrating with acerola and lemon juice is good for the immune system and helps keep the body young. 

> Vitamin D, lodata by the most recent research as indispensable vitamin to ward off colds and respiratory infections, vitamin D is also known to make the bones and skeletal and immune systems happy;

Lies in the sun! Exposure to sunlight increases its synthesis and absorption, also helping calcium to fix itself in the body's supporting structures.

Food sources of vitamin D. they are fish, eggs, milk, butter; corn flakes and grains and green vegetables are equally rich in them.

> Vitamin E, walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, various oil seeds are rich in them. It is also found in cereals and wheat germ. Like vitamin A, it slows down cellular aging and helps protect the skin. 

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