Tips to overcome excess worry

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Tips to overcome excess worry

Last update: April 09, 2016

Do you worry when you have a problem? We all face different situations in everyday life, only some get carried away by excessive worry, while others focus on finding a solution and taking action.

There are many people who say that if they don't care, they feel they are inactive. It is clear that we must focus on the problem to analyze it and find a way out, but spending all your time brooding over it will not lead to any change.

Excessive worry also generates various physical problems: headaches, insomnia, stress, irritability, etc.. Today we give you some advice so that this situation does not bring you down.

Look at the problem objectively

We know this advice will seem absurd to you, after all you are seeing the problem as something gigantic, right? Well, this is precisely why excessive worry is overwhelming you. This is a vicious circle: the more attention you pay to the problem, the bigger it will seem.

For this reason, our advice is to forget for a moment that this problem is yours; imagine it as something that is happening to another person and think about what you would tell them. What solution would you propose? How would you advise her to approach the problem?

Unplug for a while

The fact of being locked in your home or office to breathe and penetrate more and more with your mind the problem that creates an excess of worry does not help. Take a moment to distract yourself; the important thing is that you have the opportunity to disconnect your mind for a moment. You often get too worried because you focus all your attention on the problem.

Anything you can think of to relax is fine: go for a walk, close your eyes and get some sleep, chat with someone. Don't be surprised if, after going out for a coffee with a friend, you find the solution, almost as if by magic: this happens because your mind has found the time to relax and see alternatives.

Think about yourself

At the beginning of the article, we told you that excessive worry causes various physical and psychological problems. A good way to counter this phenomenon is to become aware of the risks of excessive worry.

If now it seems complicated to find a solution, it will be even more difficult if you find yourself in a bad physical condition.. You need to feel good to focus on what needs your attention: your children, problems, everyday life, etc.

Seek the help of a professional

Is the excessive worry generated by a problem that you cannot solve on your own? Then seek the appropriate help. There are people who, anxious to appear strong, want to solve everything by themselves. Of course, you are full of qualities, but when faced with certain situations, nothing can be done.

The help of an accountant, lawyer, doctor or any other professional is always available. Don't try to solve things you can't understand.

If you give yourself the opportunity, you may find that the solution isn't as complicated as it sounds, but you need someone to guide you. In certain cases, putting the problem in the hands of an expert can be the ultimate cure for your excessive worry.

Change your negative thoughts

Once the problem appears, you have two options: seek the solution peacefully or let yourself be carried away by negative thoughts. If you choose the second option, the problem will become like a snowball, gradually enlarging, and excess worry will take over you.

Instead of getting carried away by negative thoughts, fight them and look for the positive side. Don't say you can't do it, because we don't believe it. If this idea occurs in your mind, think that you can do it and that you just need to find the right solution.

Talk to someone

Excessive worry will not let you see possible alternatives to a solution. Give yourself the opportunity to talk to someone: a friend, your partner, your parents, etc.

It doesn't matter that this person is an expert on the subject, because what you need is a new perspective. Talking will help you see beyond the obvious, which will allow you to find solutions that did not occur to you before.

Don't get carried away by excessive worry

It's easy to focus on one problem and forget about all other options. Don't make this mistake, look for alternatives to move forward. We are confident that the advice listed in this article will be very helpful to you.

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