The time has come to turn resentment into forgiveness

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The time has come to turn resentment into forgiveness

Last update: January 27, 2016

We all come to a point in life where we no longer tolerate a person or a thing, such as the behavior of one of our friends or relatives.

However, what happens when we no longer tolerate ourselves? When we reflect on how we could do such a thing, how we could accept that job, how we could eat so much ...

Without being aware of it, we become the enemy of ourselves and this is the result of an anger or rage towards another person. A resentment that does not allow us to tolerate even ourselves.

"If a renunciation gives rise to resentment, then the sacrifice no longer has a value"

-Giovanni Guareschi-

When we have a grudge, we are not happy. We suppress an anger that struggles to come out, to be manifested and released forever.

However, what escapes us is that, in these cases, it is we who are the most damaged. We are the ones who live life with bitterness, unhappiness and constant anger towards everything and everyone.

Rancor makes us hostile

Maybe we do not perceive it, but we have certainly seen people with an always angry expression on their faces and then we ask ourselves: why is he so angry? Isn't it better to be happy?

The same happens to us when we feel a grudge against someone. We become hostile without meaning to and this shows up on our face.

Hostility will only attract negativity into our life. Have you wondered why nothing is good for you lately? Look closely at your way of acting and you will find the answer.

We don't realize that hostility always lines in the opposite direction to where we want to go and this has repercussions not only on us, but also on what is around us. The people we love most, all of our relationships, will suffer the effects of this new way of dealing with life.

Being hostile does not imply anything good. In fact, it is such a serious condition that it can trigger serious illnesses in the long run.

"No human being is born with hostile or violent impulses, no one becomes hostile or violent without taking the time to learn to be"

-Ashley Montegu-

What can we do to stop being hostile? First of all, we must surround ourselves with positive people, who spurt sympathy and joy from all pores.

Sometimes, we see ourselves overwhelmed with hostility because we are surrounded by hostile, negative and evil people who mentally destroy us without realizing it.

Learn to forgive

When we feel so much hostility and resentment, what we need to learn right away is how to forgive and not just forgive others, but also ourselves.

As we have already said, sometimes we are full of resentment, we cannot stand ourselves because our own behaviors, our actions annoy us.

Forgiving and forgiving takes time. For this reason, it is necessary to eliminate some things that can prevent us from achieving the forgiveness we seek:

  • The wounds caused by others.
  • The grievances that keep us from being happy and forgiving.
  • The selfishness that triggers sadness and that prevents us from rejoicing in the power of generosity.
  • Thinking and living in the past, which prevents us from moving forward and walking forward.
  • Getting annoyed with little things or worrying about what others say about us.

All these things, and many more, are the cause of living life with bitterness and not even being able to forgive ourselves.

We all make mistakes and we must be able to be able to soar from all that others can unleash in us. Did they hurt you? Reflect that it is you who allow the pain to exist, because it is not a physical injury. Isn't it you, perhaps, who have the power to decide who can hurt you and who can't?

"There is no more complete revenge than forgiveness"

-Josh Billings-

Remember that not allowing others to harm you, ignoring provocations and living in the present without thinking about the future can make you see everything around you empowered.

Despite this, you will be free and no one will harm you. People often don't like knowing that what is said about you doesn't bother you, it bothers them to see you live your life ignoring what others say. You have to live your life, forgive and forgive yourself. Be free and be happy.

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