The power of positive emotions

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The power of positive emotions

Last update: Augusts 31, 2017

Emotions are innate processes that are part of our life and to which we often do not pay enough attention. For some years, and more and more, there has been an insistence on the direct relationship that binds them to health. Positive emotions, in fact, can enhance our health, just as negative ones can debilitate it.

As numerous studies show, the central nervous system and the immune system communicate with each other. This means that the emotions and the body are not separate, but closely connected and interrelated.  

We cannot deny that the information and publications that reach us insist on the effects of negative emotions. We are warned about the negative influence of certain emotions on health and we are oriented on how to avoid negative emotions such as fear or anger. However, it is not as popular to warn about possible onset of health problems if these emotions are blocked.

Emotions that take care of our health

For some time now, some health professionals have made a difference in the way we see emotions and approach them. The new perspective adopted is in a positive key. Instead of focusing and focusing on negative emotions, more attention is paid to the power of positive ones.

The latter, in fact, can chase away negative energy generated by the other sensations that, anchored to our body, undermine our health.

American Doctor B. Fredrickson, winner of the Highest templeton prize in Positive Psychology, after years of scientific research, he discovered the ameliorative effect of positive emotions on health. 

“Laughter is extraordinarily meditative. Laughter has an incredible beauty, It will bring you lightness and give you wings to fly. Life is full of opportunities to laugh. You just have to have the sensitivity to notice them "


Likewise, the University of Kentucky conducted longitudinal research. The results demonstrated the relationship between positive emotions and longevity. After three decades of research, we have evidence confirming the relationship between positive emotions and mood and life expectancy. In fact, it has been shown that those who experience more positive emotions have lower blood pressure and a stronger immune system.

Some positive emotions

Cheerfulness and fun

Cheerfulness is perhaps one of the fastest emotions. It occurs in an instant, when we find ourselves in an environment that is pleasant to us. It appears in the "perfect" moments when we feel that things are just as they should be and that we are where we should be.

Equally important, fun is the emotion associated with pleasure and is found in what makes us laugh and distracts us. Fun, in this sense, has a powerful relaxing effect.


This emotion must be understood in its broadest meaning. Thank life, nature, our life companions ... Feeling grateful for health, the place we live in, etc.

Giving thanks is also a cause for joy. It means that someone is looking after us or that luck is smiling on us. And… who doesn't feel comforted by this?

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