The medicine woman: she who sees life with love and goodness

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The medicine woman: she who sees life with love and goodness

Last update: December 03, 2015

All love women are medicine women. We are talking about women who are full of strength, who give goodness to those around them, who look at life with serene eyes, who are comfortable with their identity, who heal with a simple kiss.

A medicine woman is one who infuses energy, transmits affection, embraces love with love, who deepens, who is generous, who knows forgiveness, who lives in grace and who teaches to know.

A woman-medicine is human, compassionate, aware of her power, her inspiration, her permanence, her chaos, her order, she defends her life, her needs, her dreams.

The gift of being a medicine woman

The woman-medicine is what remains. It is the one who always opens her heart, who takes a firm step, who is aware of what is happening around her, who is a determining presence.

It does not know perfection or even imperfection: it simply is what it is. And, with this same power, it helps others to be as they are. This requires a fight against prejudice, a conflict with the surrounding environment.

Because being a woman-love is not always easy, you have to fight. We must fight against all the obstacles that prevent us from living and enjoying every moment, that try to tamper with our rights, that want to subdue our dreams, that despise our needs.

Being a medicine woman also means knowing how to say enough and not allow submission. It means being herself, needing no one, but loving in a boundless way and above all possibilities. This is precisely the scale that hypnotizes the emotional balance of women.

The power of women's love

There is nothing stronger than the love of a woman who is committed to her well-being, who accepts herself, who understands her present and takes into account her past.

Through her experiences and knowledge, the medicine woman understands the depth of time, the transcendence of desires and the importance of accumulating dreams come true.

Each woman carries within her soul a warrior who paws, who gives her light, hope, strength and weapons to fight. It is this inner warrior who has healed her wounds and consoled her after her betrayals, deceptions and rejections.

That light is the same that allows her to mature, to be sensual, to exploit her intelligence, to know how to manage herself, to balance intuition and reason, to make the art of living beautiful and to fight against adversity.

The woman's heart, an ocean of mysteries

The heart of the love-woman is an ocean of mysteries filled with fish that glow in the night, which makes it bizarre and magical. The heart of the medicine woman shows the depth of thousands of mysteries.

It is a heart that beats on its own, which is made up of goodness, respect, security, strength, intelligence and affection. These are the principles that govern the woman-medicine, the one whom she observes her life in a generous way.

Actions are connected to each other and are in balance with feelings and thoughts. The medicine woman is aware of the person that she is, of what she has been and of what she is capable of being. Because the best cure is approval.

The medicine woman is clothed with strength and dignity, of keys that open doors, of colors with bright shades, of motifs and reasons to cling to.

The best medicine for the soul is the sweetness of another human being, the kindness and sensitivity of those who listen to us, those who treat themselves with respect and appreciate others as if they were a treasure. These are the qualities that define the woman-love, the woman-medicine.

Images courtesy of Claudia Tremblav

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