The heart of a mature woman is an abyss of secrets

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The heart of a mature woman is an abyss of secrets

Last update: July 10, 2016

The heart of a mature woman is an abyss of secrets that hides, in her most remote room, the palpitations of loving, loving in a conscious way and feeling emotions, intuition and distrust.

When we talk about the heart, we refer to that intangible something that gives balance to life experiences and where the door to an immense place is found that opens onto sensory memories of wonderful and sensational scenarios.

The heart, understood as the mind, follows cycles and seasons who walk the streets that surround a search and a succession of periods of solitude, rest, belonging and even disappearance.

A mature woman's relationship with herself

The relationship of a mature woman with herself and with the environment that surrounds her develops on the basis of a series of emotional needs that can be summarized in one sentence: the mature woman wants to go back to being herself.

This means that, when she reaches maturity, the woman wants to find an emotional point that prompts her to say goodbye to her secrets, to their moments and their scars. It is usually the time when women are willing to value and consider their mistakes, but also to value what they deserve.

The mature woman seeks and recreates in herself a more favorable environment in which to be herself, to seek a healthier center of attention and find serenity in the burning blood of those who drowned because of their weaknesses and survived thanks to their own strength.

“When a woman makes the decision to give up suffering, lying and submission. When a woman says from the bottom of her heart: Enough, I can't take it anymore. Neither a thousand armies made up of ego, nor all the deceptions of hope can prevent it from seeking its own truth.

It is then that the doors to his soul open and the healing process begins. The process that, little by little, will restore her to herself, to her real life. Nobody said this is an easy road, but this is La Strada. That same decision establishes a direct line to her wild nature and that's where the real miracle begins. "

-Clarissa Pinkola-Estés-

The emotional gift of female maturity

Little by little, the mature woman embarks on a journey back to the home of her soul, which helps her become aware of what happened in her previous life. In this way, she can resolve the conflicts that arose in the previous cycles of maturity.

It is then that the heart of the mature woman begins to love itself more, to feel worthy of respect and to be rich in those values ​​that are caressed only with age and that give shape to the ability to love and understand the feelings of others. .

Research can be painful, because being so close to your goal means having traveled many kilometers, having distanced themselves from oneself, having gone back, having done harm and having taken root far from one's desires.

Getting lost and finding yourself as a mature woman

It is possible that emotional maturity will arrive sooner or later in life, but it is always preceded by years and years of distraction, emotional accidents and the cancellation of a very important part of oneself.

Knowing where we are and what our place in the world is is not an easy task, but it implies the loss of one's skin, the theft of that identity that enveloped us and with which we have fought hundreds of battles.

However, the mature woman must shed that skin to stop rejecting experiences and feeling them directly, to make them her own without a protective barrier. In other words, she has to let go, loosen her grip, say goodbye and stop holding on to what was keeping her from being herself, to those expectations of society that have consumed it.

In that instant, the crises stop presenting themselves in an unexpected way and the emotional release stops frequenting its addictions, making room for determination and self-love.

All this means making room for one's person, for priorities, for the rehydration of one's own identity, for the wisdom of a mature woman. Now begins the recreation of women, who feed their own secret life thanks to their instincts, their experiences and the strength of their female psychology.

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