Courage is a muscle: the more you use it, the stronger it gets

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Courage is a muscle: the more you use it, the stronger it gets

Last update: 08 November 2016

Those who arm themselves with courage to face storms and overcome cyclones will forever bear the signs of survival engraved on their body. He deserves all the respect of the world for his strength, for having had the courage to enter a minefield, triumphing.

“Courageous are those who are afraid.

You cannot be brave without first feeling fear [...] "

These people have tried on their skin that being afraid means having something to lose, but also a lot to gain. Anyone who has found that courage, like a muscle, gets stronger with use is reached to that conclusion after winning.

You will realize yourself as a person when you are not afraid to be who you are

Each of us carries within us a good dose of strength and courage, we only need to learn to pull it out when it comes to defending ourselves from monsters. It is that indestructible inner strength that we all possess and that allows us to believe in ourselves.


is the one who is not afraid to withdraw without retouching,

in order to correct its defects [...] "

Fear is a wild beast that tries at all costs to make us fail. Courage is the strength that turns that failure into opportunity: if we are not afraid of being ourselves and allow ourselves to make mistakes, we will be able to realize every single dream of our life.

We are imperfect beings, but behind the glimmer of light we see when we strive to survive bad experiences, there is a hint of madness: courage gives us the grit, the impulse necessary to shape our present and prepare us for the future.

Dare to follow your intuition

The present and the future are nothing more than actions yet to be taken - our emotions continually combine to create obstacles or guide us in what we do. When fear is a stone and joins reason, it will be courage that must set the pace: with intuition, with heart and perhaps a little common sense, we will achieve what makes us emotionally happy.  

You too, after having faced great battles, have been able to verify that at the end of the journey the fear disappears. You too know the sense of balance and stability, because you too have raised your head in the face of what terrified you and which you now see with different eyes.

"Courage is movement,

active action, will, desire,

illusion, principles, horizon, fears,

fear of stopping, anxiety about the end.

You cannot be brave if you have nothing to lose [...] "

It is for all these reasons that one must never stop believing in the instinct dictated by fear, one must never stop believing in oneself out of fear. We must decide to overcome it, once and for all.

Courage is a decision

Bringing out the courage means understanding that the most difficult situations are essential to see the end of a bad path; those who made it to the finale were able to shift gears and create new horizons. They know that courage is a decision, an obligation in the name of self-love, the best friend for a difficult crossing.

We all know that value is born within us, that no one can give us their own. It's easy to feel safe with the strength that comes from others, with their enthusiasm and drive. However, the decisions we make come from ourselves and are aimed at our emotional good.

 "Brave is he who feels fear,

does not stop

and makes it the fuel of his courage.

It is impossible not to be courageous "

Those who are terrified of fear and are aware of it, but who nevertheless try to overcome it until the fear itself is paralyzed, well these people abound in courage. As Nelson Mandela said, therefore, “I learned that courage is not the lack of fear, but the victory over fear”.

-All the quotes in this article are taken from a poem by Suso Sudón-

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